Christmas-ish Haiku

imageNothing left to do,
Nowhere else I need to be.
I love Christmas Eve.



Christmas candle fills

The air with cranberry cheer,

Whatever that is.



Happy Holidays,

Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth

Tidings of great joy.

20 thoughts on “Christmas-ish Haiku

  1. Ha! I stock those candles, and the big air freshener companies come up with new names for the exact same holiday scents every year. I have a can of Febreze “Sugared Cranberry” last year that I only bought because it had squirrels on the package. Who knows what Sugared Cranberry/Cranberry Cheer will be called next year…

    Merry Christmas!

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  2. Merry Christmas, Grandmalin! I love those funny chickens! I’m a bit fond of you, too, and I’ve missed you in my long, long absence. I’m going to be doing some catching up (I’ve been working up from the bottom of my “Blogs I Follow” list since about a week ago–I’m very slow). You’re on my “hit list” soon–brace yourself. Mwah-ah-ah!!

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