Deep Thoughts on a Shopping Bag

It’s the attention to little details that make shopping at Chapters such a delight for people like me who love this kind of thing.  If there must be a shopping bag, why not make it say something wonderful?  I forgot to take a reusable bag with me and I was walking, so I reluctantly said yes to a bag, but happily this one will NOT go directly into the recycle bin along with my guilt about the environment.  I will use it again, because you don’t just recycle John Keats.

Not in any way trying to out-do Keats, and everything he mentions in this quote is lovely, but I would like to change the sentiment a little to reflect my own personal preferences.

Give me

a blank canvas, crispy bacon,

Argentinian Malbec wine

soft candle light


a little peace and quiet…..

Hmmm… are all these things meant to go together?  I’ve never had bacon with my wine.  Or painted by candlelight either.

I do have some other weird habits though, one of which is reading labels and product descriptions and getting bamboozled into buying them simply because they sound peculiar and interesting.  I bought a hair product once because it promised to deconstruct my hair in to loose textured beach waves.  It contained black figs and sea salt.  Really.  Eventually I poured what remained of it down the sink because what it actually made my hair look like was a very structured haystack.

What is a beach wave anyway?  And why did I think I wanted some of those?  Hard to complain to the makers of a product when you don’t have a clue what they are promising you.

Great books are just the beginning.  Isn’t that an awesome little statement?  Even though it doesn’t specify whether it’s the beginning of something amazing or the beginning of something horrifying we still want to have those great books.  Because beginnings, right?

And we want those great books in great bags!

Thank you Indigo.  For your bags and your words and your little in-store coffee shop making all your books smell like Starbucks.  I will be back for more.  But you know that, don’t you?  Yes, you do.

20 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts on a Shopping Bag

  1. Do you remember those Hallmark Card Stationery Stores? On their paper bags they always printed colorful images with lovely sayings/quotes…I still have one of them stashed in my collage folder!
    And I think there’s a term for the type of marketing you described in the shampoo ingredients list: “Lifestyle Copy”.
    Mail order Catalogs like ‘Lands End’ are famous for that sort of thing.

    Beach Wave Hair : Indeed!

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    • I don’t remember those Hallmark bags, but they sound delightful. And definitely worth saving. And yes, that kind of advertising is everywhere. Like naming brown paint spiced rum and yellow paint elephant grass. I think my laundry detergent is morning rain…..crazy.

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  2. Well, yes — swimming in the ocean will indeed give one beach wave hair, and it is indeed like a haystack. The marketers need only push a certain comb for beach wave hair, now. 😉

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  3. Haha, a very structured haystack! That put a smile on my face. I honestly don’t have a response to this post but I enjoyed this little peek into your mind so much that I had to say something, right? Books being ‘just the beginning’ is something that made me very excited reading this. What a sweet place to visit. Books, coffee, what more could anybody want!? 🙂

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  4. fun post…..I can relate to the hair thing……amazing, albeit confusing, descriptions on the products.
    Love the idea of quotes on bags. Good idea to get us to save and reuse them.

    Hmm. Mine would be . My morning first cup of coffee, photos of grandchildren on face book, sunshine and a flock of cardinals at the feeders outside my window, and an inspiration for a blog post.

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    • Aww, I love all those things too. Plus photos of my little great nieces and nephews, one of whom I haven’t even met yet. I should have put coffee on my list, but somehow bacon got there instead.


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