Sharing My World 44



As a child, who was your favorite relative?

Eleven aunts, ten uncles, twenty-three cousins…..and that’s not even getting started on my maternal grandmothers hoard of living relations who were ‘greats’ of all sorts…’s impossible to name a favourite.  Impossible.  I could probably name two or three I wasn’t too fond of if you want, but why speak ill of the dead?  Actually I’ve always wondered why you’re NOT supposed to do that, so I looked it up.  It is distasteful, disrespectful and even cowardly.  And rude.  Too much like dancing on someone’s grave.  Plus the person you are disrespecting might come back to haunt you.  Do your ill speaking while they’re still alive and can defend themselves I guess.

Really, as a child I was blessed with more relatives than I could keep track of, but of course now I wish I had paid better attention to who they were and where they came from and where they went.  We had company all the time on our farm when I was growing up.  I’ve known a lot of amazing people and it makes me happy knowing I’m related to them.

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?

A great big red maple, changing with the seasons.  I would be tall and beautiful, with at least one sturdy strong horizontal branch perfect for a child’s swing.  At the age of one hundred someone can chop me down and make me in to furniture.

What would be your preference, awake before dawn or awake before noon?

There’s a lot of fuss made about sunsets, but have you ever watched the sun rise?  I don’t mean getting out of bed in the dark and rushing around doing stuff and then eventually noticing that it’s light out.  I’ve done a lot of that.  I’ve also been awake before dawn, sitting in a deck chair with a coffee warming my hands, watching the sun come up.  That’s a wonderful way to start your day.  Then you can go back to bed and sleep until noon, but remember to leave that part out when you’re boasting about your incredible pre-dawn experience.

Would you like to sleep in a human size nest in a tree or be snuggled in a burrowed spot underground?

This is such a weird question, I can honestly say I’ve never thought about doing either one of these things.  But no to being underground, thanks.  And I would like the tree nest to be the size of a queen mattress please, because I’ll be taking one of those up there with me.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for my nice warm house and my comfy bed and for not once in my life ever having to sleep in a tree.  We’re getting some cold January weather now and I don’t even want to go out for a walk.  So I’m grateful to have that perfect excuse.

I don’t know what’s going on next week so let’s just say I am grateful to be living in suspense.  What will be will be.


15 thoughts on “Sharing My World 44

  1. Don’t know why it took this long but I finally actually went to the link associated with this feature you have been taking part in and sharing. Obviously I do things in my own time… anyway I have always enjoyed reading your responses to this challenge so I may jump on board. I have to do something to get myself back into writing, perhaps this will motivate.

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  2. This is such a comfy, warming post. Makes me want sit on a chair on the porch (we don’t really have porches here in the UK, at least, not as nice and open as American porches. That’s a dream for me, to have a porch on which I can sit and watch the sun rise) with a delicious drink. Also blankets and books. Thank you for sharing. Big families give one a sense of belonging, don’t they?

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    • Yes, it’s wonderful to belong to such a diverse bunch. I try to keep up with all the marriages and births and locations, but it’s a bit mind boggling. As for the porch….we have neighbours who have a beautiful deck in their backyard but prefer to sit on their front steps facing the street to drink their morning coffee! So I don’t know if it matters so much where you sit, as long as you’re happy doing whatever you’re doing. 😊


  3. Making a point of watching the sun rise is wonderful. I get up so early, I do go outside quite often to see the sun peek up over the houses and trees and lake just to the east of us, and usually take a picture.


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