200 Words, Really Fast

My dad loved to recite poetry to us when we were kids. The wicked froggie one was a beloved favourite of mine, and I would listen to it from beginning to end with rapt attention. My daughter as a child never listened to anything without interrupting and questioning and often disagreeing. This is how I remember sharing the froggie poem with her.

Breathing Space

Bedtime story. THE DARING FROGGIE. Ready? Here we go.

Once upon a time on the border of a brook

A wicked little froggie who had never read a book —

(Yes I know it’s a poem, and that frogs can’t actually read. Poems are more concise. Concise means they get to the point faster. Okay, you’re right, it does mean short.)

Who had never read a story or a funny little rhyme,

Had a sad and tragic ending once upon a time.

(No of course I’m not trying to make you have nightmares! The froggie was wicked, remember? When wicked things have sad and tragic endings that’s a good thing isn’t it? And don’t you get tired of all those happily ever afters? I know I do.)

The little froggie, sad to say, was very fond of flies,

And thought on this unlucky day that he had found a prize.


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