Art du Jour 86

imageThis might win the prize for most minimalist thing I’ve ever done in mixed media, supposing I stop now and leave it alone.  There is no sealer on it yet.  Like that would stop me if I decided to go nuts with the ink sprayers.

Nope, gonna control myself and start something else instead.

The page a day calendars which were supposed to motivate the hell out of me in the form of inspirational blog fodder have been disappointing.  Or maybe I’m just unmotivatable and it’s not their fault.

Take these, for instance, and judge for yourself.

When a guest, don’t be the first to arrive or the last to leave.

Stupid advice if everybody invited takes it seriously.  No one will show up at your door until they see someone else go through it.  Or, towards the end of the evening there will be a mad rush for the exit with no one wanting to be the last one out.  This is why I don’t throw parties.

A little attitude goes a long way.

What does that even mean??  Attitude comes in different sizes?  And where is it headed?

Here’s another funny thing, or maybe I haven’t said anything funny yet, but here’s something else anyway.  I have been blogging for SO long that sometimes people will like an answer to a  Wordpress Prompt that I wrote two or three years ago, because the prompts are being recycled and my post somehow pops up in a search.  And nobody pays attention to dates.  Or however that works.  The more I write today the more confused I appear to be.

So I will leave this alone too and go finish the laundry.  One of these days I will have something astounding to say and something brilliant to show you.  You will just have to wait for it.


28 thoughts on “Art du Jour 86

    • Ha, no kidding! I feel like I have rehashed every subject there is twice over. Maybe three times. And probably contradicted myself many times in the process. But let’s just call that seeing something from another point of view….lol

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  1. I really enjoy the painting, because it is fun and is also about something I (heart) as much as you do. Here is tomorrow’s pithy remark for you to embrace, which I came across recently: “Be who you are and say what you feel….because those that matter, don’t mind…and those that mind, don’t matter!”

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    • I subscribe to so many “inspirational quote” pages on Facebook that most of them have become repetitive and meaningless to me. The ones with grammar and spelling errors are especially bad. Not sure when I became such a cynic…I know they mean well. Yay for coffee though! Hard to go wrong with that 😄

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  2. My favorite so far. I too have high hopes for the various prompts floating around out there, and also get nowhere. Uninspired seems to be the buzzword, which is why I’m hoping my new involvement with the SYW weekly feature helps.

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    • Yes, I hope it helps too, it’s one of my favourites. I find if a question or prompt makes me immediately think of a dozen reasons why it’s stupid, it’s probably not a good one for me to answer. 😄


  3. Sorry but I have to start by saying I really like the cups as is, maybe just because it is “simple” (“not complicated,” definitely not meaning simple t o make.)
    Next, I missed when you changed your gravatar but your face is gorgeous and fresh looking. Like a wonderfully different “you.”) Every time I get a family member to take my picture to change My own gravatar and I am so vain I stick with only my 2nd gravatar since 2012. My first I had a red Cleveland Indians t-shirt on. This had to be discarded as I became aware that some people were offended with Chief Wahoo. Smiles, Robin

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    • Happy that you noticed😊. I got tired of the black and white one. And I can’t even remember why it was black and white….
      Funny to have a photo here and a snowman on Facebook. lol


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