Sharing My World 45


What my kids and I looked like when we lived in Inuvik, although not for the entire time because we were there for four years. We were not always sepia coloured.


Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?

In the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie when Evelyn is asked if she is in a relationship with Douglas she says “Well, we are not NOT together.”  That’s how I feel about aliens.  I do not NOT believe in them. Still, if one were to come up to me in the grocery store and ask me how my day was going, I would be very surprised.  But just because I can’t imagine that happening doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.  I don’t think life as we know it is the only kind of life there is in the universe.  If there is something beyond death as we know it, perhaps we will be astounded at how limited and biased and deluded we were in our beliefs, no matter what they were, one way or the other, before we got there.  And if there’s nothing, there’s nothing.  No point in getting your shorts in a knot about it.

So I try to keep an open mind.  Live and let live.  It would be foolish to believe we are the most intelligent life forms in existence when you consider some of the bizarre things we’ve been up to.

How many places have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

  1. Saugeen township farm until age six (Ontario)
  2. Arran township farm until leaving home
  3. Orchard house while attending teachers college in Stratford
  4. Shared 2 bedroom apartment, substitute teaching in St. Catharines
  5. Room and board in private house in St. Catharines while attending Brock U.
  6. Rented garage sized house in Kenora after getting married.
  7. Basement apartment in private house, Dryden
  8. High rise apartment in Guelph when W went back to University
  9. Basement student campus co-op apartment in Guelph – baby daughters first home
  10. Government house in Cambridge Bay, NWT, baby sons first home
  11. Government row housing in Inuvik, NWT.
  12. Government house in Pond Inlet, NWT.
  13. Government house in Yellowknife, NWT.
  14. Current house in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  (Bought and paid for…yay!). It’s nothing fancy but it feels like home.

If you were given $22 million tax free dollars (any currency), what is the first thing you would do?

Put it in the bank and think about it.  I’m sure I would suddenly have lots of advice and suggestions pouring in from all directions filling up this open mind of mine.  I might move to a new house.  It’s been awhile for us nomads.

The Never List: What are things you’ve never done? Or things you know you never will do?

Never say never!  Because you never know!!  I’ve never communicated with extraterrestrial beings.  Or have I?  How would I know for sure?

One thing I feel certain about at this moment in time is that I will NEVER take a trip to the South Pole.  But if I do I will send you a post card saying sorry, I was wrong about that.  Wish I weren’t here.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Since I mentioned all the screaming going on in Midsomer Murders whenever a body is discovered (and there can be up to five in a single episode) there has suddenly been a marked lack of it.  I’m grateful for the depiction of other plausible reactions, even though now I could be seen as a sarcastic exaggerator for mentioning it in the first place.  Like that might be the worst thing I’ve ever been called.

I was sad to learn of David Bowies death today, but I’m looking forward to all the tributes and flashbacks of his extraordinary life.

Death is such a funny thing.  We know it happens to every one of us, but no matter how much warning we might get when its imminent, we are never prepared for it.  There’s that ‘never’ word again.  It’s like a hard punch to your heart, ready or not.

So let’s be grateful for the memories.




12 thoughts on “Sharing My World 45

  1. Years ago, in the 70s and 80s I think my mother had a penfriend who lived in St Catharines. I remembered the name at once. They had a magazine or maybe it was a local paper there called “What’s Up Niagra?” I wrote them a letter once about something, can’t recall what but they replied that if mum and I ever made it to St Catharines they would take us out to lunch. Sadly we never did. Although I might still get there :).

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    • Ha…hard to be up to no good with two preschoolers. The photographer had a puppet and made them laugh. There is also a picture with W in it, but by that point the kids were bored with the puppet and both look positively morose. Too funny how things turn out.

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      • A puppet is a great idea. As for morose:

        My older son brought his first posed preschool picture home, and I almost marched in the next day and throttled the staff. He is weeping into the camera, and it is obvious from his swollen face and eyes, and their redness, that he has been weeping for quite a while. He told me he was “scared” of getting his picture taken. But, by golly, the staff person-handled him into having it done anyway!

        For the benefit of whom? Did they think I would want to preserve a memory of their child-rearing ignorance? Their bullying of a not-yet two-year-old? Or treasure his sorrow up on my wall beside happy pictures?

        The staff were wont to phone me at my office ten minutes away for little nothings, but couldn’t have phoned to say “Justin’s afraid of having his picture taken–He’s crying–Do you want us to stop? Or, maybe if you talk with him on the phone, or can come down…”


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        • That’s terrible! I know school pictures can be funny/odd but that was just cruel and insensitive. Kids have the strangest fears. I learned years after the fact that my son was totally freaked out by the Raffi song Joshua Giraffe. I had no idea. And I don’t know how I could have made that better if he had told me, so maybe that’s why he didn’t. Another childhood mystery.

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          • I practically crushed on Raffi for how sweet his song versions were for my boys–a Mister Rogers for the ears-only. So I refuse to think it was the song itself which caused the fear. More likely it was that your son thought it referred to that HORROR: The scary-even-to-adults and definitely hideous Geoffrey Giraffe–leper of the giraffe world–

            the monstrous mascot of Toys-R-Us-Alone-and-No-One-Else-Since-We-Forced-All-Independent-Toy-Stores-Out-of-Business.

            You could have made it better by buying him a Geoffrey doll and allowing him to destroy it utterly, of course! Happily, however, your good parenting skills appear to have compensated for his feelings of anxiety, fear, and powerless against the horned and spotty yellow devil that TRU threatens children with if they don’t convince their parents to buy his products.

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  2. I enjoyed your responses to the questions like each bite of a delicious ice cream Sunday with cherries and bananas and whipped cream. Particularly the one about “if an extraterrestrial came up in the grocery store and asks you how your day is going, you’d be very surprised.” Laughed out loud all alone at that one. And could so relate to being in a basement apartment when your first child was born. All I could see out the windows were people’s feet going by. And tonight at dinner after not winning the lottery yesterday, my husband asked what I thought we would be doing right now if we had. I couldn’t picture it….my first instinct would be to run away and hide. But, put it in the bank and think about it is a great answer for right after hiding. And though the South Pole sounds like a safe “never,” my dad went there on two science reporting trips to Antarctica and my husband’s parents, his two maiden aunts, and his sister and her husband and two children went as tourists to the Antarctic, though not the South Pole. So, it’s probably not as safe a “never” as it sounds. As you pointed out, “Never say never.”….I look forward to your post card from the South Pole. 🙂
    I can’t shut up without asking with delight and true curiosity about what you’ve been called that’s worse than sarcastic exaggerator?

    This post is not only great fun, it has moments of such pure honesty and insight that I have to say it’s one of my very favorites.

    A delightful treat this evening. Thank you. Keep on keepin’ on. You rock.

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    • Well I have to tell you how delightful your comment is and how much I appreciate you taking the time to write it. It’s a great feeling to know there are people (at least one anyway) who get where I’m coming from. Sorry, I still can’t imagine ending up in Antarctica. BRRRRR!!! I will parachute out of the plane somewhere over Mexico and send my postcards from there. 😄


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