Room Temperature


imageHaha!  That’s my feet sticking out from underneath a throw.  If you’re thinking I’ve run out of mesmerizing topics 13 days in to this January blog-a-day thing I’ve got going on, you might be right.

But I was sitting here in my 19 degree C house admiring my new fuzzy-on-the-inside socks when it occurred to me that they are worth sharing with the world.  Hey, it’s late and I’m tired, and I’ve had one of those days.  So you get sock sharing.

Early this afternoon I went for a follow-up appointment at the ENT Clinic at the University Hospital to discuss the results of the ultrasounds and needle biopsies on my neck.

The waiting room was crowded and hot and I had my winter coat over my arm for almost an hour.  My chair was right beside the reception desk so I got to hear many one-sided phone conversations from there and from rude people on cell phones, plus people talking and a hanging television screen had the sound on.  I’m always afraid in these situations that I won’t hear my name being called.  Then I imagined what it might be like to have a hearing aid and have all these sounds amplified.  Hell, more or less.

The thermostat in the exam room read 24.8 when I got in there.  Then it went up to 24.9.  When it reached 25 I imagined what it might be like to spontaneously combust.  At 25.1 I considered stripping and lying bare skinned on the floor tiles.  It was 25.3 when I left.  Gawd only knows what it’s at now.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Rizk.  And yes, it rhymes with risk.  Once again everything has come back with all kinds of horrible things ruled out, so we know what it isn’t, but nobody knows for sure what it IS.  Or what these lumps might develop into given time.  So my options are to keep showing up for tests and check ups ad infinitum or to have them surgically removed and be done with them.  He told me to go home and think about it.

I also got a flu shot today.  And some toiletries and these amazing slipper socks.  Never before in my life have I had a problem with my feet getting cold.  I’m that person who sleeps with her feet out from under the covers.  I have put bare feet in snow boots and not complained of the cold.  But lately things have changed.  Poor circulation maybe?  Every so often my feet will suddenly be freezing cold and I have to kick off my flip-flops and scrounge around for socks.

These new ones are perfect.  And yeah, gorgeous too. We turned the heat up to 20.  Because it’s winter and we are old. And possibly because W has complained once too often about being cold and I have suddenly developed some empathy on that subject.

And THEN (will this day and the recounting of it never end….) I looked up “room temperature” although what I really meant was ambient temperature and was astounded to discover Wikipedia says its 75 F or 24 C.  I am speechless.  How can anyone stand it that hot?

Okay, your turn. Tell me I’m cold-blooded and strange.  Or is it just where you live and what you’re used to and comfortable with that determines personal ambient temperature?

I’m going to bed now and these socks are coming off.  My feet feel like they’ve been in an oven.

25 thoughts on “Room Temperature

  1. We are throwbacks to the 60’s when American oil supplies took a dive and everyone was advised to keep thermostats at 68 F (during the daytime). Since we have (until now) not known what “normal” is in this day and age, we still keep it at 68. Even when we feel cold! Honestly, though, 68 usually works just fine for us. 75? Oh, no! (Stupid American – I don’t know Celsius!)

    Cute socks!

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    • Our big old farm house had a wood furnace which kept the downstairs comfortable, but our upstairs bedrooms in the winter were always cold. There was no thermostat to crank up. We were advised to put on more clothes or find a blanket. Or get to work! lol. 68 sounds perfect to me…probably about 18 celcius. We didn’t change to metric until I was out of school, so I still go back to how I learned measurements in the first place and often have to look things up to convert them. Or make wild guesses.


  2. Isn’t it funny how when coming out of winter, a 55 F degree day feels magnificent bordering on “I’m taking off this stifling hoodie!,” but let that 55 degrees be inside the house during winter (for 20 years before we replaced the furnace), and you’re like a block-of-ice person in a cartoon! I used to be the sockless, blanketless sleeper, but since age and infirmity set in, I marveled that I can go without socks for only 2 months a year, if it’s a really hot summer!

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    • Yes! Any day that’s around the freezing mark in winter feels positively balmy when you’re outside, but low temps in the summer are intolerable. I am going to miss going barefoot all the time SO MUCH….but other people will likely be thankful they no longer have to look at my feet…lol

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  3. Cute socks and no, you’re not alone. When I turned 40 five years ago, I experience having cold feet in the evening and early morning even when its summer here. Putting on cute socks makes life easier and yes, I also sleep with feet out of the blanket and with no socks. lol!

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  4. Our sense of temperature does change as we get older and it is very easy to become too cold or too hot. It needs more conscious control. Important that extremities are warm enough to maintain good circulation.

    Best of luck with all else. We all get a range of nuisance complaints as time passes. Important to get them checked and ensure that we are in control but most often no cause for worry. 🙂

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    • Yes, the older we get the more there is to complain about, but I’m willing to happily deal with all that, considering the alternative. The clinic I go to is right in the hospital, so no doubt that’s part of the reason for keeping the temperature up, with all those people in flimsy hospital gowns not exactly up and running around to keep warm. Thanks for the well wishes.

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  5. I would die without socks, and sometimes for good measure, slippers over the socks, but it has to be extremely cold for that. Cold feet are the worst at bedtime, however I usually end up taking the socks off because I wake up too warm. There is no balance anymore, that’s my complaint. It’s the body regulation thing that seems off as we age so there’s always something being put on, or taken off. I think our heater is set at 70F for evening temp until bed, then it goes down to 65F.

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    • Balance – that’s exactly it! There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the fluctuations in hot and cold. I like it cooler at night too, but W doesn’t. So I sleep with fewer blankets. He could pile on six comforters. 😄


  6. I’m not a sock person either. But of late I’ve been putting them on too. Another thing is my back get cold. Craziest thing I feel fine everywhere else but my back. Oh and my head is cold but that might be because my hair is thinning. My roommate will turn the heat up to 80 degrees F (26.6C) She thinks that the only way it will come on. I try to tell her that the heat stops when the room reaches the thermostat’s temperature but no she wants to feel the heat coming out the pipe. When she leaves I push it all the way down to 60F (15.5C).

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  7. I’ve always heard 72 F as being room temperature, but I’m not much of a fan of high energy bills so I set mine for 67 in the winter and (hide your eyes!) 80 in the summer (Though that’s actually about 75 since the hallway my thermostat is in is always hotter than the rest of the house). Of course, I can strip down to just my pants and walk around the house without my cats complaining…. too much anyway.

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  8. Maybe you are going through “:footapause?” Just kidding. My brave “hang out of the covers naked” feet have also begun to jump back under and I’ve even resorted to a foot warmer. Maybe we aren’t walking enough for our feet to compete with other body parts for blood circulation. I’ve also been wondering if standing on my head a bit would help my memory. 🙂

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    • LOL😄I used to be able to do head stands but I’m sadly out of practice now. Plus that might cut off the circulation to our feet, right? We mature people have wise reasons for everything we (don’t) do.


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