Words From Somewhere

A long time ago I read this passage in a novel.  Then I read it again.  Have you ever come across someone else’s simple little story and been deeply affected by it or felt so connected to the feelings portrayed that the whole thing could just as easily be your own?

I marked the page these words were on and kept coming back to them. Then I typed the passage and printed it and put it in my keepsakes box.  Every time I come across it I read it again and marvel at how much I like it and then I return it to the box.

After all this time I don’t know who wrote it or what book it came out of. If you recognize it I will happily share the source.

Funny how a random little snippet from a fictional life seemed like something worth saving, and how it never loses its charm for me.

And that’s my Saturday blurb of randomness for this week!  Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Edited to add- it is from The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg….thanks oregana

15 thoughts on “Words From Somewhere

  1. I’ve had many occasion when reading something in a book and just knew the author was talking directly about and to me. And those words usually come eerily at a time when my own life is experiencing the same action. It can be altogether disturbing if you go in for that sort of stuff. Which in reality maybe I should, as most of those stories turn out better and happier than my situation has.

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  2. That’s an Elizabeth Berg book I haven’t read. Glad to hear about it. She writes so well. I love the quote also. I had my first child in 1960 followed by three more in four years. I didn’t question the fifties way of being in the world. On one level still don’t. But over the years I realized that a flower child lived within me………I’ve decided it was much safer for my children (and probably me) that she never fully blossomed, so no real regrets, but I let her out every now and then to play.

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  3. I wish I could enjoy this condition; rather, I live in fear of spontaneously bursting into harlequin eyeglasses and Buster Browns. They’ll go so poorly with my puka shells..

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