Sharing My World 47


Sunrise this morning in the neighbors back yard, from my back door.


What one thing are you really glad you did yesterday?

I am glad I actually did more than one thing yesterday so I have a choice to make here.  I finished a piece of art, I replied to comments (both in the virtual and the real world), finished a book (more on that another day) and watched a few more episodes of Midsomer Murders.  That’s not all I did, but I guess the other things were relatively insignificant. Yes, my life is exactly that wild.  W considers all my Netflix watching to be a colossal waste of time when I could be doing more productive things like baking banana bread and using up some of the 500 bananas socked away in our freezer.  If I had somehow persuaded him to stop buying so many bananas and letting them go brown and shown him how to bake his own damned banana bread, that would have been my greatest accomplishment yesterday.  I’m sure the opportunity will come up again sometime.

I do have an answer for this question.  Sorry for the banana rant.  I choose to be really glad I watched another murder mystery get solved and learned a couple of brilliant insults in the process.   “You’ve got a few of your pages stuck together”  and “You are three tomatoes short of a salad”.  Waste of time?  I think not.

Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?

There really is no point being focussed on tomorrow if it means you’re going to miss today.  While we ate breakfast Carole King was singing “Will you still love me tomorrow?” Does she really want an answer to that?  Because nobody knows.  The power of NOW, people!  Don’t miss today’s pleasure worrying that it might not last.  Of course it won’t.  That’s why you make the most of it now.

Wow, I am rather preachy today.  Maybe some of my pages are stuck together.

Would you want to have a guardian angel/mentor? What would they tell you right now?

I have spirit guides.  They are invisible, and possibly imaginary. They tell me to calm the F down.  Mostly I listen to them and take deep breaths and accept what is.  Then I determine what changes I might be able to make if I don’t like what is.  Then I watch Netflix.

Would you rather live in a cave house or a dome house made of glass? 

Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to hang curtains in a dome-shaped glass house?  Can’t exactly nail rods up, can you?  I think I would feel too exposed for comfort surrounded by glass.  And just think of the endless ‘window’ cleaning.  A cave house sounds more cozy and snug.  Plus you could do cave drawings on the walls.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Since I cannot change the past or predict the future I will simply tell you how ecstatically happy and grateful I am that today is the 25th of January!  Might be the one a day posts which have made this month fly by, or simply the fact that I am a year older than I was last January and time in general keeps speeding up at an alarming rate.

The weather outside is gorgeous, sunny, plus 1 C.  The washing machine is churning away, the dishwasher is humming, the light is streaming in to my little art nook and my spirit guides are gently suggesting I get off my iPad and my ass and do something creative before I’m arthritic and blind and three tomatoes short.

Life is good.


24 thoughts on “Sharing My World 47

  1. The one detective programme that cannot hold my attention! Every time I’ve started to watch it my mind wanders off while they potter about ever so pleasantly. By the time I re-engage I’ve lost track of whatever part of the plot Mr Whatshisface had gently uncovered while engaging with all and sundry in his dulcet tones and I wander off again. Every single time.
    John Nettles. I’ve just remembered. I want to like it but his voice is just too soothing to be riveting. He just sticks my pages together. :/

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    • I will admit he is the main reason I have to keep the subtitles on. I can never hear what he’s saying. The part I like is knowing for certain that the obnoxious rude assholes will be the next murder victims. It never fails. And the scenery is wonderful. But I expect you can just look out your window for that. 😊

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  2. you just get funnier and funnier… must be adding tomatoes……. your spirit guides are delightful. And I love your philosophy of life: try to accept what is, or try to figure out how to change it if I really don’t like what is, then watch Netflix.

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  4. LOL: love the banana expose! I, too, accumulate brown banana-bread wannabe bananas in the freezer. It takes a malfunction like we had over the holidays to completely wipe out that frozen stash…about the only thing good to say about that – meh!
    The sunrise shows how no matter where one lives, what clutter one needs to sort through, if nature puts on a spectacle, it dazzles!

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    • Hopefully it won’t take a power outage to get us going on clearing stuff out before its unrecognizable with freezer burn. Yes, I was so happy to be up to see that spectacular sunrise. It faded a little by the time I got taking the picture and shortly after that, completely gone. Makes me wonder what else I miss simply by not looking.

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  5. I am addicted to Netflix too. I probably spend way too much time engaged there when I should be writing. My latest addictions: Haven, Dicte, Doc Martin, and currently rewatching for like the millionth time, Firefly. Love your posts! They are always delightful to read.

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