Getting It Done in ’71

imageSet your time machines to November 20th, 1971 and let’s talk about going away outfits.  I’ve heard they’re supposed to be stylish and sophisticated and perfect, carefully chosen ensembles you wear for the last dance at your wedding reception before embarking on your romantic honeymoon and the beginning of your new life.

Does anyone even do those anymore?  I’m so out of touch with what goes on at weddings.  I was completely out of touch at my own.  It would have made me so happy to get married barefoot on the beach or to simply elope.  W was all for that too, but our  families were both big on tradition and we got swept up in the kerfluffle.  I’m pretty sure my mother and my mother-in-law did more sighing and eye rolling at my lack of interest than I noticed at the time.  They kept asking me questions even though they hardly ever liked my answers.

Things we didn’t get quite right –

  1. There was no engagement ring.  We couldn’t afford one and picked out inexpensive gold wedding bands instead.  I would have lost a diamond.  I lost my wedding band three times.
  2. There was no veil.  I made a hooded dress with braided silver trim.  It cost about twenty five dollars.  I wanted my sisters hooded dress to be deep purple, but they couldn’t find suitable material in that colour, so it was royal blue.  Close enough.
  3. There was no hairdresser.  By the time this picture was taken my self inflicted bouncy curls had bounced their last and I looked more or less back to normal.
  4. The best man (W’s brother) and the ushers (my brother and a friend) all had different coloured suits and shirts and ties and probably socks, for all I know, because we told them just to wear whatever they had.
  5. The flowers were artificial.  It was November.  There was freezing rain. We had a church ceremony, a church basement supper, and a get together at my family farm house after that.  The dance was a week later a thousand miles away with the grooms side of the family.
  6. We forgot to book a room somewhere, so spent our wedding night at my girlfriend and her husbands house after banging on their door and waking them up.  Good thing they both had a sense of humour.
  7.  We had no honeymoon, unless you count a two day drive from         my home town to his.

Oh, let’s just stop at lucky number seven, shall see? There’s lots more but this is getting depressing, and besides, I want you to look at those going away outfits!  I must have pulled some random thing out of my closet because my face is saying “I’m married!  I don’t care!”  And W is wearing his university blazer (that’s confetti, not dandruff) but it’s hard to focus on his clothes because of those sideburns!  I can’t even.  I’m sure you can’t either.  Proof that love is blind is all I can say about that.

Weddings make me hungry.  Handbag under my arm, mouth full of cake, ready to blow this pop stand and set the world on fire.  Maybe starting with that brown and beige thing I’m wearing….

22 thoughts on “Getting It Done in ’71

  1. Great flashback, Lynn…the hair style, the clothes, the sideburns. We were also married in November..snow, church wedding, school hall dinner, party back at the house, and a 2000 mile drive across country to a new job…not much of a honeymoon. ☺ Oh, the 70’s !! But…like you…we’re still here. 💕

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    • I’m always astounded these days by the amount of money spent on weddings. Whatever happened to plain and simple and buy a house instead? lol. Oh well. Those are our good old days we can bore the kids with. 😊

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    • Yes I do. And some black and white photos of the wedding party because the photographer (my high school English teacher) was probably blinded by the clash of colours. I will post a few of those one of these Friday’s.

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  2. Lovely — even the muttonchop sideburns (any guy cannot be too hairy.. except maybe Chewbacca). We had a full 2-day honeymoon, and we’d gladly have escaped all the traditional wedding things except the Church blessing, but his folks were from old Long Island — and were bringing their friends. Ah, well. Wow, memories.. 🙂

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    • Yeah, the party in W’s home town was for his parents friends…I seriously don’t think anyone would have missed me if I hadn’t been there. Anyway, all water under the bridge. I’m never getting married again. lol

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      • LOL – ah well, during my first marriage, a baby shower was given by his mom at a friend’s super fun lake camp — for my husband and his fam and friends. I (the pregnant one) was brought by at the end of it all to see what “we” had gotten for gifts and to have a piece of his cake “if there’s any left — haha.” Which made my mom give a shower for me and my friends and fam somewhere less “fun.” I think we can see why that marriage became the past tense, lol.

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  3. My husband had sideburns nearly that good but he kept them for his entire life. We had fairly unorthodox wedding and were lucky that our families went along with it as I’m sure that none of them thought that a wedding at a railway station was a great idea but everyone ended up having a great time.

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    • I don’t think so….just W and possibly one other guy…lol. When I met him he had a full beard and moustache, then shaved everything off, then experimented with the epic sideburns. Now he has moustache only. And is working on a bald head.


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