6 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 315

  1. After seeing a few of these Jazzy posts lately I just went back and found the original. You have been doing this for years! I scrolled through rather quickly, but it was fun to see how Jazzy’s hair has changed a bit, her smile is deeper, her clothing has gone through so many seasons and patterns, and I think her wine glass has gotten quite a bit bigger as well ;). It’s great to see how you have incorporated your most current art trends into the backgrounds also. I think Jazzy would make a cute kids cartoon idea/book as well, probably minus the wine glass though…

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    • Oh I cannot imagine Jazzy without wine. She has shown up with a coffee mug a couple of times and it’s just not the same. Yes she has gone through some changes and has no doubt begun repeating herself, but she’s still a flashy dresser. lol

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