Randomness on a Weekday

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Normally I would be raising my hand for the not-leaving-the-house bit, but I was up before the alarm today.  Good thing, because I forgot to set it.  I’m getting rather good at driving to strange parts of the city  to see specialists but parking stresses me out.

Patient parking in the lot was full, so I parked a couple of rows over in what might have been a place where one needs a permit, but it wasn’t marked reserved so I decided to tempt fate and abandon my car there and walk around to the other side of the building where I would not be able to see it and then proceed to obsess over all the possible outcomes of this decision.  Towed away would be the worst.  Hefty fine, nasty note, slashed tires.  I hate my brain when it thinks up dumb things.

Incredible as it may sound to sane people, I was more worried about my car than about the results of my MRI.  So the doctor telling me everything was fine and it’s just a small fatty benign tumour about which nothing needs to be done, was almost anticlimactic.  I could not wait to get out of there.

And there my car was, just where I left it, unmolested and not the least bit traumatized.

Now I’m back home waiting for the dishwasher door repairman.  Yesterday I saw my MD (have I mentioned how much I like her, despite the fact that she keeps finding stuff wrong with me?) and she was almost as thrilled as I am by the fact that I have dropped my weight by 20 pounds.  Imagine what I could do if I actually put real effort in to this!  But I know me, so I will just continue to monitor my blood sugar readings and not eat stupid things.  If I make up more rules than that I know for sure I will break them.

Hope your week is going well and your car doesn’t get towed and you weren’t too offended by the F word up there.  I don’t know why it makes me laugh.  Maybe there’s a medical reason.

21 thoughts on “Randomness on a Weekday

    • I know, I tried to get out of it! But my doctor said I should go in case they wanted to do some sort of follow up that they didn’t mention in the MRI report. Anyway, glad it’s over, parking and all.😊


  1. Why is parking always so hard to find around hospitals and clinics, then they make most of the closest lots for staff or valet…the two groups who likely least need to be 100 feet from the door

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  2. I know what you mean about parking challenges. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to use those machines to pay for the parking! I miss just handing a handful of cash to a parking attendant.

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  3. Here are some thoughts:
    1. I am so pleased the results showed just a benign (what a kind word) fatty tumour that doesn’t need to be touched. I hope it benigns all your days.
    2. What a risky joy it is to meander away from a potential parking ticket. Also exhilarating when one is not issued. You tempted fate, and she did not respond. What a day.
    3. “monitor blood sugar readings and not eat stupid things” is it really that easy! Perhaps you are right about setting too many rules.
    4. I always look forward to reading your posts. They are funny, informative and interesting. Hope you have a good, parking ticket free weekend.

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