Bedtime Cookbook


How far shall we flash back this fine Friday?  More than a lifetime for some of you, and just a drop in the time bucket for the rest of us.

What is more delightful than two recently bathed children with shiny clean hair all ready for bed?  Sitting together, sharing, being super good so bedtime will be delayed.

This was not a rare moment.  My mom often remarked on how well my kids got along with each other.  That changed for a while in their teens, but really, underneath the growing pains, they have always remained good friends.

I know it looks like the reflection of a halo on my daughters head, but don’t let it fool you.  She had her un-angelic moments.  And I never realized my son had such expressive toes.  I think that might be our polar bear hide on the wall in the background.  Hard to believe now we ever had such a thing.  But this is the NWT in the late 1970’s.  We didn’t know any better.  And that awful brown colonial furniture was in every government house.

One other thing I noticed in this faded photo is that the book they’re reading is not a kids book (although they had lots of those I swear). It appears to be a cookbook.  My poor children.  Is this what I gave them instead of reading them a bedtime story?  I can imagine the two of them pointing at the pictures saying – what is this yummy dish called?Mom has never made anything this awesome for us!  Maybe she doesn’t know how!  Maybe she doesn’t really love us!

Hey, they’re alive and clean.  Looks like it was a good parenting day to me.

10 thoughts on “Bedtime Cookbook

  1. I think they look adorable!! I have a beautiful one some where of the two older boys bathed, hair washed and sitting in a chair with their newborn baby brother across their laps…. As an aside, I told my husband that you mentioned that you had a polar bear skin on your wall, and that we were to excuse you because it the 70’s and the NWT he announce “Rubbish they never had Polar bears in Australia. Not even in the 1970’s ” …God Bless him!! Men don’t listen to us do they!!

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  2. I’m so impressed that you lived in the NWT in the 1970’s…and why not a cookbook? I mean, my bro and I used to look through the Book Of Knowledge at random – not to mention Ma’s art books (and I mean ***real*** art books as in: lots of ‘anatomy’ sketches) 😉

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  3. I am about the same age as your son, so I had that hairstyle once as well. I have no idea how it stayed ready for school after sleeping on it all night… I always wake up with the rattiest looking bedhead anymore. And I’ve got so much less hair to get messed up now than I had then…

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