Birthday Girl

imageIt doesn’t seem so long ago that “grandpa’s munchkin” was just a happy goofy little kid.  She’s not exactly front and center in this photo with mom and great grandparents but somehow she manages to grab the spotlight anyway.

She’s still doing that, fifteen years and counting.

I’m tempted to talk about time flying and growing up too fast but I’ll skip all that grandma blather we’ve all rolled our eyes at before and just wish Happy Birthday to our beautiful Valentine girl.

17 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Valentine girl! How lovely. She is stunning, happy birthday to her 🙂 You sound like a very proud grandma. Sigh for the days when my own grandma would call me her ‘first baby’ never mind looks from my mother (her real first baby). Grannies are special, but we already know that.

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  2. Why wouldn’t you be biased? She’s obviously a beauty with a great personality. Big her up. Sometimes, as a parent, I don’t think I tell them enough how great they are for telling them to clear up behind themselves. :/ My mum did though and they knew she meant it, with a heart full of love. Grandparents’ prerogative. Happy birthday to your valentine girl. 🙂

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  3. Awesome generational photo (I’ll bet she loves it) and awesome lilac hair. That kid could seriously be a model, and I hope for her sake she won’t ever be! Happy Birthday, lucky girl!

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