Sharing My World 57



If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?

With cleaning and yard work I wonder if there is anyone who needs help more than I do.  And that’s why I have help already with both of those things. Although this summer I’m going to attempt the lawn maintenance on my own because it’s so expensive and I could use the exercise and I have lots of time for it.  So far I’ve done nothing.  But I have contemplated raking.  Well, that’s a start isn’t it?  I’ve also sighed and rolled my eyes at the flower beds.

W often helps with the cooking (and I don’t even have to pay him for it) but he likes to cook things like potatoes and perogies and bacon.  I would like to hire a soup and salad chef.  Can you imagine how damned healthy I would be if it didn’t involve having to chop things up on my own?  Yes, I am exactly that lazy and often buy salad kits in a bag because putting one together from scratch just feels too labour intensive to be tolerated.  I admire people who can chop things small enough so that a spoonful of soup contains six different vegetables, instead of one hunk of green pepper big enough to choke you.

If this excellent chopper I’ve hired could also do interesting things with chicken and fish and the occasional steak, I would probably never enter the kitchen again.  And no doubt boast about it to my friends.  And have them over for dinner parties.

What makes you laugh the most?

My first thought was to say my daughter because she can make the most ordinary story hilariously funny, but its actually both my kids, especially when they’re together.  One is loud and a little crazy, and the other is deadpan dry humour personified, reminding me of my dad who always said droll things with a completely straight face.  I love that they find the funny in things, and that they’re drawn to people who make them laugh too. Life would be hell if you couldn’t laugh at it.

What was your favorite food when you were a child?

Strangely enough it was little triangular salmon sandwiches.  White bread, canned pink salmon mixed with salt and pepper and white vinegar, real butter on the bread, sweet mixed pickles on the side.  These were a treat for special occasions and picnics and usually meant for company. If we’d had them every day I can’t imagine they would have had the same appeal.  I still love canned salmon, with the bones mashed up in it, and  don’t care at all for fresh salmon.

Second place goes to a concoction my grandmother used to make for us, little potatoes and fresh yellow beans all soft and mushy in a white creamy buttery sauce.  Maybe she made it when we were starving and that’s why I remember it being delicious.  Or maybe it was simply delicious.  I’ve never tried making it myself, afraid to crush the memory.

List at least five favorite flowers or plants.

Sunflowers, daisies, black eyed susans, tiger lilies and anything that has red leaves.  I love the smell of tomato plants and the look of big ripe red tomatoes on the vine.  I might try planting some yellow beans in my back flower bed this year.  They’re supposed to be pretty hard to kill.  Most other plants are no challenge for me, they wither and die if I look at them sideways.  Or don’t look at them at all.  Perhaps that’s part of the problem.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for a quiet week of listening to myself breathe and wondering why I’m wheezy.  Allergy meds don’t seem to have any effect.  Maybe I need something stronger.  Like vodka.  Or weed.

I’m grateful that I’ve finally made it to the end of the last season of Weeds on Netflix.  What a binge watch, and what a bizarre show and what a dumb ending.  I like Mary Louise Parker or I would never have lasted to the final episode.

Next week I have another visit to the university hospital and then I see my family doctor and then I think I will beg them all to leave me alone. Unless of course they find something dire, and then I will rethink that plan.

And THEN I might do some art work.  Sadly, when something begins to feel like work, I stop doing it.  I am looking forward to rekindling the joy.  It’s in here somewhere.


20 thoughts on “Sharing My World 57

  1. What I like about you – one of the things I like about you – is your humour. In the face of life. You’ve got it n hand. Whatever you think you’re doing, coping with, not doing, struggling with – you’re real. And you’re laughing. that’s good. So good. One day – some day – folk like you and I – and some others here – will meet. We’ll piss ourselves laughing at life. We’ll scoff in the face of adversity and chuckle that we know what matters. Your kids sound sound! Mine drive me insane and then bring me back to reality. Life. You’ve got it hand. No doubt. No sweat. I remember you announcing your retirement. I’m hanging in there, by the skin of my teeth, and hoping that I get to be as nonchalant and humorous as you. So tired, at the moment. You probably know that pre-retirement phase. Your words and perspective- your humour and your coping – give me hope. You’re something of an example to me. I feel a bit weepy just now, thinking of the people who impact my life and that some of them are unknown to me. But. But. You, and a few others like you, show the way. Whatever you think of your own posts, be sure they matter. Tonight, they matter.x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do you know how much I would love to piss myself laughing at life with you??? lol 😄😄 I know exactly what you mean about the amazing people in this blogging world and the connections we make. Even when we think our little lives are quite ordinary and we have nothing much to say, some brilliant little thing will pop up and astound us. Okay well maybe that hasn’t happened here yet, but it COULD, right??
      Yes, the pre-retirement is stressful, the wondering if the time is right, if the money will work out, if you might go crazy with boredom….but all the little adjustments are so worth it. I really think this is the most content I have ever been. My time is mine. To fritter away any damned way I please for however long it lasts. I hope you love it too.


  2. Five favorite flowers…you have to be kidding. amy favorites have changed over time, but roses are the best. As for favorite foods….sweets almost anything sweet. Who makes me laugh? That has changed over time also, but most days its David unless he’s driving.


  3. I have been looking around for sites to follow which has proved to be a difficult task, more than one would think. I like the crispness of your posts, and love the day lilies. Think I will follow you around for a while, if that is alright with you.


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