A Day Without Needles

Hey, what happened to my flashback Fridays?

When I have an upcoming appointment scheduled (and the latest one was this morning at the university hospital) my whole self goes in to a semi catatonic state of mild dread. I don’t function well, unless you consider worrying to be a skill.

The funny thing is I don’t realize I’m doing it until there’s this rush of relief flooding over me when it’s all done and I’m driving home and the sun is shining and it’s Friday and the weekend and FRIDAY!  Oh yeah!  The flashback thing I started.

But first, finally I talked to a doctor who would like to try something different instead of repeating the same procedures in what has seemed to be a random fashion, always giving the same negative results.  So instead of doing yet another needle biopsy less than four months after the last double one, he did only an ultrasound this morning.  He is going to schedule me for a core biopsy instead because it removes a larger tissue sample on which they can do more tests.  And it involves a local anesthetic, and thus a needle but there were no needles today!

So until that’s arranged and the cycle of dread begins again, I feel light-hearted and anxiety free and in a mood to make fun of my hair styles over the years.

image image image
From age six to grade six to Teachers College graduation, the Dutch boy cut morphed to a bob with a Hollywood wave and then to a sleek whatever that is. Easy to look after mostly, and in the process of growing to acceptable hippy length standards.

In between somewhere there was this.

imageThe original cone head?  I can’t even.  But look at that swanky screen door with the big M.  I remember when we got that, thinking it was pretty nice, and a good backdrop for a photo I guess.  Who knows what all was going on in my pointy little head.

Hope you’re having a no needle Friday wherever you are, and whatever the state of your hair.  Don’t worry, one day you will get to the point where it’s just hilariously funny and doesn’t really matter that much anymore.  Except maybe to the people who have to be seen with you in public.  But that’s their problem.

30 thoughts on “A Day Without Needles

  1. I remember having the same bangs as you in your first photo. I think my mom would tape them to my head and then cut them straight across my forehead…lol! 😉 Happy there are no needles for you today! 🙂

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  2. A funny thing…I was thinking about you today. Hopefully, this will put an end to the same old same old. I think you said your was in your neck. I had one in my jaw. Not fun and they gave me a local anesthetic. Hubby got frantic. I could hear him yelling at the nurse, “But she’s the only wife I got.”
    Great photos of beautiful wholesome you. How could you become a hippie, for goodness sake?

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    • Yes the lump is just below my jaw and all the tests so far have ruled out cancer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t develop (probably spurred on by all this poking around🙄.) And what caused it in the first place and what will make it go away doesn’t seem to be high on their list of priorities.
      It was just a thing we did in the ’60s with the long hair, wanna be hippies but not all that serious about it.


  3. Glad you have a small health reprieve! And those bangs in the first picture, my second grade photos were identical and I refuse to acknowledge that those things were even referred to as ‘bangs.’ Stubble is almost more appropriate…:)

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  4. I’ll bet even your skeleton is gorgeous. Are you certain that the lump has nothing to do with ear trouble, or TMJ trouble, or a wisdom tooth buried very deep?

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    • I am certain of nothing. lol. You’d think with all the testing someone would have come up with something more interesting than “inflammation” but the dr. the other day said enlarged lymph nodes. I would like it to just go away. 😥

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      • Son has a bad ear which sometimes swells (and causes pain) just under his jaw, but we found out he also had a wisdom tooth coming in (at 45!) — he went to a couple of doctors when his entire neck doubled (and for the pain). Since that beast came in (not sideways as he’d feared), the pain and swelling hasn’t returned.

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  5. It’s always a good day without needles. Could not agree more. 🙂

    Had one of those “sleek” looks as well but did go to full-fledge hippie, While my hair may have left hippie, don’t believe I have. Some habits, you know?


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