Rabbits In the Rain


Rational me knows that the appearance in my backyard of crows and magpies and jackrabbits and squirrels and cats and ducks (yes, there have been ducks!) is completely random and entirely insignificant.  There is no sane reason for me to be counting these creatures and keeping track of their arrivals and departures.  But I do.

Weird superstitious me believes in omens and portents and prophecies of doom and assigns grave importance to…well….pretty much everything.  Because you never know, right?  If the cosmos is sending me messages I would like to be receptive, not oblivious.

Let me tell you about the crows.  It’s been a crow summer here.  These big black shiny creatures swoop down four and five at a time onto the grass and squawk at each other like mad things. Magpie conversations seem almost polite in comparison.  They are devious and mean looking.  One in particular, perched somewhere in the big pine tree in a neighbors yard,  eventually lost his voice I guess, or moved on.  For weeks he just would not shut up.  But now he has.

So What Does That Mean???  One for sorrow?

Maybe somebody shot the bastard.

Anyway.  There are no crows today.  Today is W’s birthday.  If you’ve been paying attention you will notice my last post was on MY birthday three months ago.  I am fine.  Just finally doing things worth writing about and not having time to write about them because I’m too busy doing things.  I feel like I sat on my derrière for the first year or so of my retirement and now I’m not doing that so much.

My kitchen and living room are cleaned up, painted, decluttered and tastefully decorated. Ha!  Notice there’s no pictures of that so you can’t dispute the tasteful part.  Instead I have shared jackrabbits and white spray paint on our pitted driveway through the kitchen window.  That probably means something too.  Like I should stop gazing out rain streaked windows and get on with the rest of the house.  I’ve taken a few ‘before, during and after’ shots. And then some after-after ones after I changed my mind again.  We had a garage sale the end of July and got rid of a lot of stuff.  The garage has now become home for what remains until my daughter picks it up and it gets donated to some poor unsuspecting charity.

It’s been lovely to have lots of time and no deadline getting the painting done.  The house is old and there are always new challenges and surprises.  I am now an expert at concealing gaps on wooden window and door frames and baseboards, imperfections which showed up when we painted them white, with sealant.  House glue!  Awesome stuff.  Hallway, three bedrooms and main bath to go!  All in various stages of work in progress.

The crows have been worrisome, but now I think maybe they were not trying to give me bad news.  Because after all my doctor visits and tests  and consultations, I finally have a medical diagnosis.  I will save that for another post, and don’t worry, it won’t have to wait for some random relatives birthday.

Unless the crows freak me out again simply by being their normal bird brained annoying selves.  It’s their fault this post wanders around all over the place.   At least I got it done.  Longest break ever.  But I think I’m back.


30 thoughts on “Rabbits In the Rain

  1. blame the crows for the long expanse of -0- posts! sure Lyn! you’ve secretly been out. partying it up. yup. 🙂 Anyway…….. I’d been looking for you for ages. So its wonderful to see you back with that Humor that starts my day with a smile.
    first hand experience tells me why – it might take, another whole post to explain the medical profession and their “timely” ability to figure out a conclusion. Thank the Lord you are not another decade older, with the wait on them !!! lol Hope all is ok !!! cheers, Debi

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  2. I know all the blogging experts say not to announce absences or returns, but since you usually don’t listen to those kind of experts. Since you didn’t warn us, I was very worried! I left a worried remark on your About page! So glad you are back.

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    • Awww…thanks for thinking of me. I didn’t know I was taking a break until many many days in to it! Then it got harder and harder to break out of the break. And the crows were bugging me. See how easy excuses can be? lol. Anyway, happy to be back bugging you all.❤️

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  3. So great to see you pop up here. Like the others I have been worried and missing your posts. Glad it has just been busy activity taking up your time away…although with all those animals I have to ask – have you secretly been building an arc anticipating the rain and the influx of animals to your yard? 🙂 Hope to see you writing more often.

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    • By the way, if your crows are anything like mine, they are teaching their babies about life, thus the incessant talking. We have had two different crow families doing much the same thing in our trees and yard. The babies are large, but if you look closely they seem to be thinner and less coordinated than their parents. I watched one group teaching their child how to hunt down and retrieve dog food off the neighbors patio a few days ago. It was fascinating. They start early here but by 6pm or so are all tucked safely into their trees for the night.

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      • And here I thought it was all about me. haha. I know they are super smart, just wish they would talk less about it. I will look more closely the next time. Makes sense that they would be screaming at their kids. 😄


    • I’ve been missing your gorgeous work too…although I will admit to at least checking some of it out in a lurky manner. lol
      My art stuff is all organized but neglected at the moment. House beautiful has taken priority. Back at it soon 😊

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  4. I know I’m mostly a lurker-type of follower of your blog, but I’m glad you’re safe and sound and back (at least intermittently).
    BTW: I have a blogger-buddy who loves those corvids (crows) and it’s funny to see your take on them!!! :-p

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    • I’m a champion lurker myself so I totally get it😊. I don’t really mind the crows except that they’re so noisy. And a bit scary looking. Interesting spirit animal for sure.


  5. Well, repetitious as this is, I have really missed your posts and also worried about you. We too have been through the line up of specialists. If it wasn’t for doctor visits and physical therapy, we’d have no social life at all! So, glad you’re back. You are in my prayers for grace.
    Since my husband’s diagnosis, we are learning to focus on the beautiful and good and each other (we are not necessarily included in the beautiful or good. 🙂 He too just had a birthday, his 80th. All the children, most of our grands and great-grands came. Our son was even home for a week from Cambodia. So we had a huge family gathering over the weekend at the Inn at a near by state park.
    A memorable time. Hope you guys will have many memorable times.
    If you have near-by neighbors this might not work for you with the crows, but I used to go out and laugh raucously and loudly and they would fly away. ??????? Not sure why I thought to do that or why it worked, but it did.
    Welcome back.

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    • OMG! How hilarious would that be? My neighbors already think I’m nuts so I better not risk it. Maybe you were speaking their language and deeply offended them. 😊
      Sounds like you had a wonderful family get together. And I know you have a wonderful attitude and outlook on life. Thanks for thinking of me. ❤️❤️


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