Snorting Eucalyptus


The view from where I’m sitting.  Yeah, I know.  Gives a whole new meaning to “still life”  

Yes, snorting eucalyptus IS what I’ve been doing for the past twenty-four days, which WP was kind enough to remind me is also how long it’s been since my last post.  Even W noticed this strange silence in November, the month in which we are supposed to be writing our little hearts out.  I did the polite Canadian thing and kept my comments about the American election more or less to myself, except for sharing a few news stories on Facebook.  That’s been pretty hard.  Are y’all batshit crazy down there??  Well I know you’re not, and have faith that sanity will prevail.  You know, before we all die hating each other.

In the summer I was blaming my stuffed up sinuses and chronic cough on seasonal allergies, but I’m not sure what the heck is going on now.  Rather than complain (and rewire my brain for negativity) (seriously, that’s an actual thing) I tried allergy pills and nasal sprays and decongestants, and elevated my blood pressure in the process.  So I ditched all that stuff, but I still wanted to breathe, so now I’m using my little air purifier even though there’s already an air purifier on our furnace.  Our air is PURE, man.  And I’m shooting a eucalyptus based spray up my nasal passages more than the recommended four times a day.  It does not cause rebound congestion and it works very well, for about twenty minutes.  Then it doesn’t anymore.

My hematologist said my chest was wheezy, and suggested I go back to my GP for an inhaler.  So that’s next.  I’ve had pneumonia.  I don’t want it again.  I keep running out of tissues.  My life is hell.  No of course it isn’t.

Other than wheezy breath I’m healthy enough I guess, because the hematologist said to come back in a year.  Her pre-screener gave me longer than that. I think.  The first thing he said to me was “…so, you’re sixty-seven, you’ve got another ten or twenty years to go.  Because, you know, eighties….” I did not know what the proper response was to that statement but probably because of the blank look on my face he quickly changed the subject and went on to other things.  Weirdo.

And speaking of weird, W said if I had nothing to write about I could always talk about him.  Wow.  He should NOT be encouraging that.

I never had much of a love for Christmas when I was growing up (too much church and  too many crazy relatives) (although the food was good), but when I met W his enthusiasm for the holiday was infectious.  He still absolutely loves Christmas.   He puts up the outdoor lights in mid November.  This year he added two spotlights which sit on the front lawn and flash revolving red and blue lights all over our house.  And the snow. And maybe the sky.  When I’m sitting in the living room they also flash all over the ceiling and the walls.  I told him it’s a good thing neither of us is prone to epileptic seizures and God help our neighbours if they are.  He didn’t find that even remotely funny.

Maybe my eucalyptus spritz is hallucinogenic.  Because he loves the lights.  He found out they are now on sale so I suggested he go get a couple more and the sarcasm was completely lost on him.

I wonder when my brain got rewired for sarcasm.  There’s probably a doctor for that, hey?

In other news, I put shelf liner in my cupboards this week.  Our washing machine (age 22 years) died a noisy death and has been replaced by a newer but amazingly similar model (but this one is water efficient, so there’s that) which cost less than the price of repairing the old one.  W also loves a bargain.

And I love my ordinary little life with a husband who thinks it’s funny that I find him funny.  There’s always something to be thankful for.  Like eucalyptus being a scent that kind of grows on you.  That’s a big one for sure.

21 thoughts on “Snorting Eucalyptus

    • My mom always had sinus issues so maybe it’s just something I have to live with. It’s like a sinus infection but not as bad. (Don’t you love patients who self diagnose??) lol. I had an inhaler when I had pneumonia and it was great, so I’m confident that will help. Fingers crossed 😊

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  1. 🙂 Thank you for retracting “batshit crazy” but some of us really are. As for the nasal thing.. is this your first fall-into-winter completely out of your work office? I ask that because for me, I’m fine at home (I must’ve grown immune to all 602 allergens), but my workplace with the heat on once again makes my nose run every night, and no amount of blowing stops it, so that I sniff alllllll evening long. (Around law enforcement people. I should either stop saying, “It’s all the chemicals” when they ask if I have a cold or say instead, “cleaning products.”) Anyway, maybe there’s an adjustment period your sinuses have to go through? It’s so good to see you! I was hoping and praying your absence wasn’t due to something even more awful.

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    • Oh well, my absense is mostly due to pure and utter laziness really. No I’ve been retired for two years now, and I had this same thing for most of the summer, so I can’t really pinpoint any change, except as you say for the weather and the furnace. The hematologist thinks it has nothing to do with the IgG4. There definitely is some awful stuff in cleaning products. The spray for my laminate floor makes me cough and sneeze like crazy.

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  2. So nice of that professional to give you a heads up on just how much time you can expect before someone is planning a memorial for you…perhaps that person needs to find a new career, or enroll in some practical education on how to converse with patients. Sorry about the nose/sinus issues. Oddly, changes in weather seem to play havoc with my sinuses- literally like air pressure changes- at least that’s what I blame it on…

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    • Haha…I think after he said it he was as dumbfounded as I was, like he couldn’t believe he said that out loud. Anyway he was very nice after that. Maybe he is nice to all the nearly dead old ladies. 😄. We are definitely having strange unpredictable weather, so maybe you’re on to something.


  3. Batshit crazy seems to be the new normal down here.

    I get sinus infections all winter long. When I got septoplasty for a deviated septum, there was a possibility that they would be less frequent. Instead, I just learned how much I like Percocet. Now I have to do the saline nasal rinsing which is like taking a breath at the wrong time in the pool. It helps some, as does multiple humidifiers with eucalyptus.

    Hope you feel better soon and glad to hear things are normal-normal. Apparently, you need to enjoy that in the little time you have left.

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    • Well now that I’ve looked up septoplasty, deviated septum and Percocet, I feel vastly more intelligent. haha. Seriously, what a lot to go through. And since one of my worst fears involves inhaling water, I am hoping it doesn’t come to that…I might just pull the plug early.
      I remember years ago feeling sorry that my parents would never make it to the turn of the century, never see the year 2000. They both made it to 2008. So life expectancy predictions don’t scare me anymore. Well, you know, not as much. 😜


  4. I absolutely love reading your posts. Have missed your sanity saving humor, so needed right now down here in batshitcrazyland. I heard that Canada’s immigration work permit inquiry system was overwhelmed after our election results and has been shut down for six months. I hope that works for you guys. I’d hate to think you’ll have to build a wall. 🙂

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    • Ha…the Great Wall of Canada along the Batshitcrazyland border….that would at least create a lot of jobs but I can’t see it’s relevance beyond that. It is very disheartening to see all the bad stuff that’s going on and of course we speculate on how it will affect us and the rest of the world but knowing there are so many people like you all across your country gives me some peace. Hope I live long enough to see it all turn around ❤️


  5. No we’re not crazy down here. Hillary won the popular vote and set records doing so, unfortunately we are governed by an artificial device set up by the framers. I knew we should have stuck with the UK. The UK has had its nut case rullers and survived. At least they extracted a Magna Carta along the way.

    Now a couple of people I never heard of have raised money for recounts in states close to Canada.
    Love your still life. So real!

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  6. Yea its batshit crazy alright. My husband has threatened to send me back home to Canada.
    Also, I swear and live by my nose rinsing. Hail to the netti pot! I also have a cold from hell. Feel better!

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    • Well Canada feels like a much saner place to be at the moment for sure. I have started the rinsing thing, shooting seawater up my nose!! I never thought I could do such a thing, but it’s making a huge difference. Hope you feel better soon too! And hope baby doesn’t catch anything. It’s ten times worse than having it yourself 😊😊


  7. Hi! You are missed. I had shared this on face book and they kindly re-posted it today. So, I got to remember why I am so fond of Canadians, even though I don’t know any! And we do seem to still be bat shit crazy unfortunately, so I hope you don’t hate us. Do you read Louise Penny’s mysteries? She from Quebec, so not sure if she counts as Canadian? They are great. Anyway….miss you and would love to hear if you are okay.

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    • Hi Eileen! So nice of you (and Facebook) to think of me! Yes I’m okay and yes Quebec is very much part of Canada. I haven’t read that author but will look her up. Right now I’m reading nothing but free books from Amazon recommended by Book Bub. Her books are perhaps too good to be free. The only thing I hate about U.S right now is that the country has allowed this utter nonsense to go on for an entire year. I know smart people are working on it as the world and I try to be patient. lol The situation has certainly brought a lot of things to light, and hopefully good changes are in the works. I find myself with lots of things to say, so many that I don’t know where to start, and afraid to start in case I can’t stop! So there you have it. I’m idling in neutral I guess. Hopefully will find “drive” again soon. Much love❤️


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