Improving History

I was going to make a list of all the things that are just so incredibly wrong with this vintage ad, but rather than stay up until midnight doing that, I decided to fix it up instead.

In her next speech bubble our lady of the initial-shouting-words makes everything right by telling us this.

Don’t come to the wrong conclusion! Read on to discover the three things thousands of skinny girls have learned!

  1.  Ironized yeast tastes pretty disgusting.

  2. People who catch a glimpse of you and immediately run away have far more serious problems than you do.

  3. No matter how much weird shit we choose to consume in the interests of altering our physical appearance, it’s almost certainly guaranteed that in just a few weeks, these three guys will still be assholes.

15 thoughts on “Improving History

    • I loved Twiggy but there wasn’t a hope in hell that I could ever look like her. I was smart enough not to try too hard except for the mini skirts that were impossible to gracefully sit down in. Ah, the good old days. lol

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  1. Great old vintage ad with horrible sentiments. I like your version much better. Now taste has gone the other way and you can’t be too skinny apparently but the advertising is more subtle. I remember my mum and aunts taking Ford Pills to lose weight as early as the late sixties.

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