More Please


What would you like more of this year?  Here’s  my list.

  1. peaceful sound sleep
  2. great coffee
  3. good books
  4. amazing sunrises
  5. gorgeous sunsets
  6. smiles
  7. creativity
  8. writing ideas
  9. positive thoughts
  10. laughter
  11. daydreaming
  12. fun
  13. love
  14. gratefulness
  15. magic
  16. healing
  17. random acts of kindness
  18. crazy (the good kind)
  19. sunshine
  20. joy

Gotta get going on this one.  Starting with coffee.  Wish me luck.

11 thoughts on “More Please

  1. Good list! My wishes for 2017 mostly boil down to just one: more consistency in my emotional and cognitive faculties. Not that trauma recovery hasn’t been a wild, occasionally even ecstatic, experience! But WHEW, am I ever ready to just get a baseline *normal* back.

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    • Beautiful😊. I’ve started the reading already, with bargain books on my Kindle. Some of them have been a bit weird….but they are by writers writing a lot more than I ever have, so I’m respecting that. Good luck! Wish I could be one of the friends that pops by.


  2. my list altered a bit these first two weeks, but here’s a short run of basics for moi:
    1. more time to read the books I already have
    2. a decent, workable writing schedule
    3. more work hours to pay my bills
    4. a decent, workable painting schedule
    5. do gym and/or self-defense classes every day they’re available
    6. eat healthy
    7. save the coffee for starbucks, the good tea for home (MUCH cheaper this way)
    8. stand up for myself, be more positive and aware of my own needs instead of being a doormat–remove the “pushover” tattoo from my forehead

    that about covers it.

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