Sharing My World 64


Share Your World – January 16, 2016

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

My closet door is in the rafters in the garage.  It’s one of those folding in half ones with little wheely things that screech along an overhead runner.  The runner is also gone, along with the lower left hand side holder for the pin that kept it in place at the bottom.  I sincerely hated that thing.  In its place I now have a curtain rod and a curtain flat against the opening, almost flush with the wall.  It’s pretty much always closed because sometimes looking into my closet can be a strange mix of depressing and frightening.  Nothing would want to live in there, so I have no worries about anything popping out from behind the curtain to disturb my sleep.

Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?

Yes I do, because they’re just going to throw them out anyway.  They’re the perfect size for travelling to places where I’m not staying in a hotel. And if I don’t go anywhere I eventually throw them out myself, saving hotel staff the trouble. When we had a dog I used to use them on him  when he had a bath.  What a strange thing to remember.

What is your usual bedtime?

Anytime between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.  Sorry I can’t be more specific.  There’s just too many variables.  What I’m binge watching on Netflix, what I’m reading, how much coffee I drank too late in the day, whether or not I can keep my eyes open. I do aim for ten/ten-thirty but it’s hit and miss.

Do you like to use post-it notes?

OMG post-it notes are the absolute best notes on the planet.  If you ever want to give me something nice, forget the flowers and go for a big package of rainbow coloured post-its instead.  I am so serious about that it’s not even funny.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

Years and years and years ago when there was really no other way to communicate over long distances other than by telephone.  I used to write to my parents sporadically because my mom was so good to write to me,  but my letters were done on the computer in large font and printed, with only the odd hasty p.s. and a scribbled signature added by pen.  I treasure what I saved of her cards and letters but I fear the handwritten note will soon be history.  Cursive writing and beautiful penmanship will be an oddity from the past.  None of us will remember how to spell anything without auto correct.  We will converse in short forms and emoticons with questionable grammar.  One day we will forget how to talk.  Ok now I’m thoroughly bummed.

Any phobias?

I don’t like large deep bodies of water.  Even as I typed that I had to take a big breath of air.  I’m sure in a former life I either drowned or suffocated.  Or fell off a cliff.  Into the ocean.  I also don’t like extreme heights.  I cope with these fears with funny little mind games and try not to dwell on how silly I’m being.

How tall are you?

I used to be 5’4″ but I’ve shrunk an inch apparently according to the people who last measured me at some medical facility or other.  Maybe my posture got worse.  Maybe my younger taller self was delusional.  Anything is possible.  I used to love wearing three-inch heels or wedges or platforms way back in the day and gazing down at the tops of short people’s heads.  My ankles were less than thrilled about that though.  Can’t remember the last time I wore anything with a substantial heel.  Would probably break both my legs at once if I tried it again.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

The weather is completely bearable!  Hovering around zero Celsius.  There’s a bit of melting and freezing going on so the sidewalks are not exactly safe, but I’m not using them anyway.  They are my latest excuse for staying inside. One of my many varied and far-fetched excuses if you want the truth.  Some of which make very little sense but I stubbornly cling to them anyway.

I am looking forward to making Rice Krispie squares to use up the bag of marshmallows left over from Christmas baking.  But they will have to wait until we finish the brownies I baked yesterday in a serious chocolate craving fit.  They are sweetened with dates and orange juice, no added refined sugar.  So I feel maybe half the normal amount of guilt eating them.

It’s always a bonus when you can cut your guilt in two.  I should make a list of ways to do that…..


13 thoughts on “Sharing My World 64

  1. Since you are not the only person of my acquaintance — FAAAAR from it — who goes absolutely goo-goo nuts at the very idea of Post-Its, I suspect handwritten notes (tho not necessarily letters, I’m thinking 3×3 sized commentary) will be with us for some time yet to come.

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    • I especially like the ones with lines on them so I can appear to be all neat and organized. They’re not ideal for grocery lists though because they tend to stick to all the wrong things. Glad to know I’m not alone in my post it appreciation addiction and don’t have to single handedly keep the companies that make them in business. Whew.

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  2. I love reading your ‘Sharing My World’ posts! I also take shampoo bottles from hotels; you are so right, they make for AWESOME travel goodies for places without hotels. Also, would you believe the audacity, SOME hotels don’t supply any of that! Always good to be safe. Oh I mourn the days of letter writing, even though I was about eleven when it truly died. I used to write my friend who lives overseas monthly. But I think it was a mere wistful participation. My mother and grandmother used to exchange letters before long distance calls became a relatively cheap thing, and that stopped when I was around 3. Those brownies sound delicious because you coupled them with ‘chocolate craving’ and not ‘dates and orange juice’ but I am sure they tasted incredible. ‘Cut your guilt in two’ (this made me laugh)!

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    • It is kind of a sad thing about the letter writing. Really was an art to think and be clear before putting something down on paper that you wouldn’t have to scratch out. Checking spelling first. Being neat and legible. Funny how quickly some things get left behind.

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  3. I can relate very well to most of this. Post it notes are the new decor for the over the hill group. One on the door: don’t forget your keys. One on the mirror: don’t forget your front teeth. One in the kitchen: take your pills. Color coordinating with whatever room I’m putting them in is a small peculiarity of mine. 🙂 Also, a couple of years ago in my mid-seventies, we were going to an elegant restaurant and then the symphony in a larger city. I hadn’t done either in years, so I invested in shoes with moderately high heels. Ended up having to hang onto my husband’s arm for dear life and finally had to risk going to the bathroom alone by sort of sliding along the wall and praying.


  4. Ah, post-it notes. Is it a global thing, I wonder? I used to use them so much in an adult education office, my 2 co-worker secretaries once post-it noted my entire office space. We all roared and they wanted a picture — they posed me with post-it notes affixed to my whole self. Gosh, I truly miss working, sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of post-it note love!!

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