Quiet Minds


Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.

[Robert Louis Stevenson]

And here I thought January was going to be such a boring month.  Now I want it to end for a whole different myriad of reasons.

I really miss my complacent quiet mind that didn’t involve itself much in world politics and all the fussing and fighting my friend.  It’s been MIA for almost two weeks now, off somewhere being frightened and perplexed I guess.  The clock during a thunderstorm is beginning to feel like a ticking time bomb.  It seriously needs to yell and scream at somebody.  Reading the news is like watching a friend self destruct and having no idea what you could possibly say to them or do to make things better.  Worried that they’ll destroy you and everything around them in the process.

This is life, though, isn’t it?  Never meant to be easy.  There will always be ignorance and fear and hate right along side all the understanding, compassion and love.  I always thought I knew which one would win in the end.  And then a white Christian male murders people in a mosque.  And the victims are the ones he calls terrorists.  There’s a special place in hell for the perpetrators of such senseless violence, right next to the ones who incite it.

Amidst the shared grief and despair there’s always something we can be grateful for, right?  How long is your list?  I hope it’s longer than mine.

  1. Humour.  Satire.  Political cartoons.  Protest signs.  Because if you don’t laugh you might start to cry and never stop.
  2. People with functioning brains saying intelligent things.  They are a delightful contrast to the ones who believe thinking isn’t really all that important.
  3. Protesters and reporters and journalists who refuse to sit down and shut up.
  4. Social media, freedom of speech, freedom of the press.  The right to ask questions and get truthful answers.  All things that could be taken away from us.  In this day and age.  It boggles the mind. Do I believe everything I hear or read?  Of course not. There is progressively more bullshit to sift through these days, but there is also thoughtful, actually factually backed-up information.  There are insightful gems.  These are well worth the time it takes to find them, and have helped to restore my wavering faith in the basic goodness of humanity.
  5. The love and compassion that’s out there and has always been out there despite all the misguided evil efforts to destroy it.  I am so very thankful that all the rampant stupidity and hate has not lured all of us into stupidly and rampantly hating back.  It is so very tempting to add to the chaos instead of the calm.

Here’s something we can all hang on to.  These mortal men (yes, take heart, one day they will die just like the rest of us) who have had power gifted to them can have that power taken away. They are not Gods. Some of them are not even that smart. Some of them are probably certifiably insane. They can be stopped.  And I know there are good people ceaselessly working on stopping them before going to hell is the least of their worries because they will have all of us living with them in some version of it right here.

Am I taking all this too seriously?  I don’t know.  But better to err on this side of the fence than to regret not getting it before it’s too late to change the downward spiral we’re all being sucked into.

So do not let them beat you down and wear you out and make you want to give up. Never doubt that therein lies the method to their madness in their gleeful rush to keep their so-called promises, one after another after another, so you can’t wrap your head around how little forethought or concern for legality or unhappy consequences has been taken into account before they’re slamming the next thing down on the table.  And the shit that happens after that is SO not their fault.  Wow.  They are counting on everyone to become overwhelmed to the point of weary acceptance, not knowing what is legal and what is truth or which way is up.  Too busy fighting with each other to notice or care any more what’s really going on.  And away they go.

Resist and keep resisting the things you know in your heart to be wrong.  Because to do otherwise is unthinkable.

Sorry I’m not my usual flippant frivolous self these days.  I’m just not ready yet for the world to end.

22 thoughts on “Quiet Minds

  1. I hear you. We’re right there with you on it. The fear, the anger, the not wishing anyone dead but decidedly wishing them away, the resisting.. I don’t know how important it is to read the news — but I think it may be deadly to read every day, so maybe once a week, now (for me).

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  2. Yes. I have decided to stop watching the news before bed, as it just winds me up. I’m more worried for our collective futures than I’ve ever been. I’m even seriously considering marching, for heaven’s sake, and I never thought I’d be that woman. So I’m very grateful to see your lovely, heartening list. I hope you don’t mind if I add you, and people like you, to it, as something else to be thankful for. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. I like your list, may I borrow it? I cannot manage a list of my own right now, y’see, due to near-constant trembling on the lip of a full-blown panic attack. (And I suspect things are even more serious than I grasp.)

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  4. “Am I taking all this too seriously?” – not in the least! What is happening south of the 49th is global in reach. The borders mean nothing to this megalomaniac and his cohort.

    I, too, take heart in that “this too shall pass” and the fact that the backlash has been swift and fierce and loud. Now we just have to get the politicians to act on our behalf.

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  5. I read it all with a filter…unfortunately, the filter has to be changed out more often these days and I’m getting tired of doing so…for what purpose, really?
    I like what you said about being grateful for people with brains! Gee, how refreshing, eh?!

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  6. The best book I’ve read in months is Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark. I’ve been thinking about how to post it on my main blog because, though it’s centered around politics, it’s about the grit and glory of holding on to hope in the worst of times. I’ve read a lot of great books recently, but this book stands apart. Yes, there is cause to resist. Yes, it’s good to resist even–especially?–when the outcome is unknowable.

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