Sharing My World 66


In case you slept through the first day of the month.  Not like that would ever happen unless January wore you out completely….

Share Your World – January 30, 2017

What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?

I’ve seen the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Arctic icebergs and glaciers and the Atlantic provinces rocky ocean shores.  I’ve been to Niagara Falls.  Those are all pretty impressive.

Whenever I see a picture of Glencoe Scotland I remember how being there gave me just the weirdest feeling of chills and deja vu and I get those sensations all over again.  In another life maybe I died in battle there.  Maybe I just have a green lumpy hills fetish.


I’ve seen the vertical sea cliffs of Santorini from the water and from the bus driving up the zig zag road and from various places at the top of the island looking down.  It made me wonder why any sane person living there would ever let their children go outside to play.  They didn’t inspire awe in me as much as a rather anxious fear and dread thinking about how we had to go back down them to leave the place.


How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order?

I had an older brother who loved his visit to Santorini and was the reason we traveled there, to remember him.  I have two younger sisters.  So three siblings, but now two.  I am one of the middle children, but the oldest daughter.  How to make a simple question complicated, right?  Quite often I make people regret asking me things.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

Oh, probably an old comfy croc.  Because it’s not making much of a fashion statement but it’s really amazingly good for your feet.  And bonus, it can also be crazy colours.

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Muktuk, haggis and calamari.  Imagine having those three on your plate all at the same time.  I liked calamari just fine until finding out what it was.  Muktuk was smelly and disgusting.  Haggis was surprisingly not so bad.  But not good enough to want to ever have it again.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Hmmm.  Laziness without guilt.  Or more laziness than usual with less quilt than normal.  My knee is fine but I’m still resting it to avoid re-injury.  This could go on for weeks.  I’ve cut back on the news because I think I finally reached my personal disbelief saturation level.  I baked muffins.  Amazingly enough that was less stressful for me than baking normally is.  More proof that the whole world has gone crazy.

I’m looking forward to getting lab work done (because I will be leaving the house to do it), renewing my passport (not going anywhere, it’s just expiring in April) and closing a bank account which has gone defunct from me ignoring it for two years.  If the balance had been higher than sixty seven dollars it might have interested me more.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!  I’ll be watching Netflix and eating muffins.




13 thoughts on “Sharing My World 66

  1. Fun as always. You are a braver woman than I ……I ate fried squid and liked them, but some sort of small crispy fish with big eyes still there was beyond me.! That was in Venice where I wasn’t sure what I was ordering, but wanted to not be a tacky tourist. Ended up hurting their feelings by leaving all the little fish staring up from the plate.

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    • Omg, I would have left them too. Buried under lettuce or something. lol. In the Arctic where they eat frozen char, popped out frozen fish eyeballs were considered a treat. That one was hard even to watch.


  2. The reaction I had to the view from Arundel Castle in Southhampton was similar – something about the age of the place, I dunno – I was a blubbering idiot. It happened several times during the visit to the UK. My traveling pals suggested that I was reacting to a past life experience. I can buy that.

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  3. I was going to post in my blog today, “Where the hell is Grandma Lin??” Actually, for the longest time, I read it as, “Grand Malin.” Maybe you were a Grand Malin in a past highland. I guess this post will have to satisfy me that you’re okay. You’re okay, right??

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    • Yes I’m okay. And right the hell here (lol) like always doing the bare minimum amount of breathing to stay alive. I have lost the will to blog. Well that’s not exactly true, I have many drafts in my head and a few in my drafts folder but have been feeling crushed by the stupidity of the world in general these days I guess. Commenting seems futile.
      When I play Clash of Clans my name is Grand Malin! Because it sounds intimidating and war-like! Haha. My son and grandsons got me started on that game of nothing but battles and I’m kind of pathetic at it.
      Anyway. Thanks for asking. Perhaps this is the boot I needed to break my mysterious silence….
      Appears obvious that once I get started I really don’t know how to shut up😊❤❤

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      • WHEW! lol YAY!! Okay, get started even MOAR!! (In a war game, I suppose I could go by my original screen name, before I added the “Re..” but wouldn’t that make all the other players yawn? After a few PacMan games back when dinosaurs roamed a younger earth, though, I decided to leave gaming to the toddlers. Same for playing checkers.) Grand Malin is very brave, lol.

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      • (Oh, I must clarify: Unlike toddlers, I never successfully broke out of the first screen in PacMan. Also, it made me cry to lose a checkers game to someone in diapers.) As I say, you are very brave, and I’m very relieved that you’re here. For real. I understand the ambivalence. I’d like to go off the ‘net entirely, but this is my way of resisting.

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        • Ok here’s how brave I really am. I make lame excuses whenever my ten year old grandson challenges me to a game of chess because I’m not ready for him to see how much I suck at strategic thinking😜
          Just read a very sobering update about a blogging friend who went “missing” and has been in hospital with various life threatening issues. Time to get back into this while I still have working fingers and a few functioning brain cells. Right? Right. Thanks for the wake up call. xxoo

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