How to Make Your Eyes Look Like Eyes

Or like deep, daring, slightly hypnotic black holes in your face. Your choice.

I wonder what Revlon thought they looked like before she put all that shit on them?

I’m certainly not anti makeup, don’t get me wrong.  Artfully applied it can bring out your best features and play down whatever you think your flaws are.  When I first started experimenting with eyeliner and mascara, and yes that would have been in and around 1964 when this ad came out, I confidently believed a heavy hand and bold strokes were the way to go.  God forbid anyone should guess what I looked like with my face washed.

My mother was pretty tolerant although she did suggest that sometimes less is more.  Then apparently even she got used to my new face.  Once I came down to dinner with no make up on at all and she wondered if I was sick.


Happy first day of Spring everyone.

12 thoughts on “How to Make Your Eyes Look Like Eyes

  1. ROFL! (I’m thinking my enormous goldfish may’ve had squinty eyes until she saw me shortly after my makeupless wakeup that first time.) It was probably a couple years before ’64 when I left behind my mom’s little red box of eyelash color that had to be wet with its tiny brush, and tried (someone else’s) mascara. That was that — I now had eyes, and I knew how to use them!

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    • Yep, pretty sure I had some clown face results too. I remember advising my daughter, based on my extensive experience with makeup over kill, to aim for people saying ‘what an attractive girl’ rather than ‘what a pile of makeup!’ Now HER daughter has mad makeup skills and always looks gorgeously natural. It took us a lot of generations to get there 😄

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