Laconical Me


Word Porn (which I follow on Facebook) is my idea of excellent continuing education.  I thought laconic meant lazy, but it turns out it’s way more fun than that.

laconic (adjective luh-KAH-nik)

Definition: using or involving the use of a minimum of words : concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious

For as long as I can remember people have remarked on how quiet I am, or wondered why I’m being so quiet, or assumed because I have very little to say to them that I’m arrogant and rude.  Or quite possibly incredibly dense.  Well maybe I am all of those things.  But mostly it’s a matter of being an introverted deep thinker with so many things to say I can’t even choose one.  So I just sit there looking all mysterious.

I do quite like the mysterious notion.  I’m so damned mysterious I can’t even figure myself out.

But enough about laconic me.  Another thing I can’t figure out is what to do with all my used Tassimo coffee pods other than just tossing them in the garbage and having them end up as landfill. I love the coffee but the packaging drives me nuts.  The pods (coffee, plastic and foil) are six or seven to a box, two boxes to a package and wrapped in more heavy-duty foil.

I’m waiting for the coffee maker to die so I can evolve into a less wasteful polluting mess of a human being by getting something more Eco friendly.

Today I tried cutting some used pods in half with an exacto knife, emptying the coffee grounds into the compost bin, and then scratching away at the glued on foil so I could put the plastic in the blue recycle bag.  That stuff is hell to get off.  Three destroyed pods, thirty minutes and one cut thumb later, I cleaned up my colossal mess and googled how to recycle Tassimo coffee pods.

Well all on your own you really can’t without hurting yourself.  But there is a company that will sell you a box and a shipping label, and once you’ve filled the box up with used coffee pods,  UPS will come by and pick it up for free and deliver it to the box sellers who then do the separating and recycling for you.  The smallest (cheapest) box is a hundred dollars.

Laconically speaking, F that.

Now are you not relieved that you don’t have to talk to me face to face and listen to my inconsequential rants?  This is why you should never encourage a normally quiet person to say something because once they get going it just might all come out and it’s hard to shut them up.

I’m much better at listening anyway.  So maybe I’ll just stick to that.

Hope you’re having a marvellous last day of March!

This only pertains to recycling coffee pods. I’m good at pretty much everything else.

21 thoughts on “Laconical Me

  1. beautifully said Lin! 🙂
    hubby bought into that racket and I went on strike. making my own french press coffee every morning…. until he caved – no more pods LOL I’m hoping your thumb required no medical intervention and all is healing just dandy.
    funny about ‘laconic.’ my family did think I was dense as I was so quiet…. just Thinking. about their supercilious attitudes, mind you. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. Great chuckle at your wonderful description of attacking the coffee pods. There were three of us best friends quite a while back. Barbara was the only introvert. She never said anything. We finally decided that we never gave her a chance, so we got her a little silver bell to ring when she wanted a chance to speak. She never used it, because she said by the time she figured out what she wanted to say, we had moved on to another subject. She is 94 now and after moving away for some years, she has returned to live with a widowed daughter who works. When I pick Barbara up for lunch, she starts talking and hardly stops until I take her home. I don’t mind, because I figure it’s her turn. And I figure that she gets very bored and lonely sitting at home alone day after day. But it really is funny to remember how quiet she used to be and now she hardly stops to take a breath or eat. 🙂

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    • I guess her information has been building up for years! Lol. I find I’m dead silent in a crowd but a total blabber mouth when it’s one on one. Maybe she was just waiting for that.


  3. I hated throwing away my coffee pods too. But then I discovered that my coffee make (Nespresso) has a recycling service – I order my pods and a recycling bag and then on my next order the courier delivers my coffee and takes away my old pods 🙂

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    • That’s brilliant. We are so forward thinking about recycling here for everything else I imagine something like that must be in the works. I will keep checking. Maybe I’ll save up my pods in the mean time. I have a pretty big basement. 😜

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  4. Hard to imagine you as laconic in person. Given how delightfully, loquaciously wry you are in writing, I mean. (Always gotta watch out for the silent ones, y’all’re all just gathering material on the rest of us, ain’t’cha…)

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  5. I love the first quote about quietness. So true. Laconic, even. We have the same system as draliman for disposing our Nepresso pods. It’s free. Lately I’ve had that “I have no idea what I’m doing” feeling to the nth degree. I want to hide and be quiet by myself, but life, the little she-devil, has other plans for me. So onward I go, quietly.

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    • When I first saw the quote it reminded me of how differently my spouse and I act in public. He never shuts up and I just want to go home. Yep, life really does disrupt our recharging alone time, doesn’t it?

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