Oh Canada


So this happened….

I don’t know, is there anything more Canadian than two RCMP officers dressed in red serge mounted on magnificent black horses in a Starbucks drive through? Well yeah, they maybe should have picked a Tim Hortons, but still. Lots of weird stuff happening during our country’s 150th birthday year.  This was in June (click on pic for link).

The only reason I know about it is because I looked it up on Monday morning after I was walking through my living room on my way to somewhere else and heard the clippity clop of big horse feet, and thought that’s pretty weird shit for this or any random little residential street.  So I looked out my front window as two mounted police went by my house.

This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if you’re hallucinating, insane, deluded, dreaming, or all of the above.  I could so easily have missed it.  There was no time to grab my phone to take a picture because although they were going at a very leisurely pace, they were there and then they were gone in the time it took for me to pick my jaw up off the floor.

The only thing I could find online was this coffee run picture from a month ago.  I guess they may very well be doing these patrols intermittently all summer around here.  And I would have been oblivious to this news if it hadn’t walked by my front yard.

So, here’s a list of things I have seen this summer although I don’t live in a rural setting or by a pond or in a forest:

  1. A big black and white cat.
  2. Many dogs on leashes walking their humans
  3. A coyote
  4. A pair of mallard ducks checking out the neighbors driveway mud puddle
  5. Two jack rabbits. Or could be more, they all look alike.
  6. The resident squirrel and the encroaching squirrels he chatters at and chases away
  7. Many big black crows
  8. Lots of gorgeous magpies
  9. A few bluejays
  10. HORSES for the love of God.

So what’s next, elephants and UFOs?  I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, speaking of posted, I read in the local paper that postal workers want to bring back door to door mail delivery here.  Maybe not-so-disgruntled mail carriers will be the next thing I see from my very own front door.  Not holding my breath for that one though.

11 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. Wow, not sure if you’re lucky or in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time. Elephants? What kind would spook you — tiny Indian ones or the big ol’ African ones? UFO’s? I drive amongst them daily down here. Happy Canada Year!

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  2. So here’s a question- who cleans up after the horses as they wander through residential neighborhoods or the local Starbucks drive through? Is there one of those clown-suited poop scooper people just out of camera range like we see in parades that feature livestock?

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    • It’s quite likely that nobody does. Apparently it’s environmentally friendly and high quality fertilizer, quickly dries up and blows away. So wow, why don’t we all have pet horses? Also I read there’s a number you can call to have someone come for clean up if it’s totally bothering you. Or you could just cart it off yourself for your flower bed. 😊


  3. On a trip to Canada when I was about 8, I bought myself a little action figure of a black horse with a mounted policeman, and he became the most elegant figure in my toy farm and zoo.
    When I was just there two weeks ago, I saw many RCMP stations, but with only small cars and no horses, but I refrained from making any remarks about that disappointing development. I would have loved to see some mounted officers though!

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