Sharing My World 74


Share Your World – September 4, 2017

What color do you feel most comfortable wearing?

Did you know, when it comes to clothing, there are many different shades of black?  I’m pretty sure I own a sample of every one of them.  It is possible for black pants and a black top to not match.  But frankly I don’t care.  My closet is a black hole.  For variety I might throw on a dark blue or dark purple jacket or sweater, and sometimes my shoes have splotches of colourful wildness, but black is for sure my fade-into-the-background comfort colour.  My sister has tried to steer me away from racks of black in clothing stores but for me their magnetism is strong.  “Oooh, I like this!  Does it come in black?”  (Sister fakes shooting self in head)

What is your favorite type of dog? (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal or character in a movie)

Well behaved dogs belonging to other people are my absolute favourite.  German Shepherd and Jack Russel come to mind.  I also have a little stuffed Starbucks dog on a bookshelf somewhere that I quite like.  He doesn’t shed.  Or bark or drool.  Or need to go out to the backyard to pee in the middle of the night.  I’m just imagining worst case scenarios so I’ll be less tempted while looking at pictures of adorable dogs that need adopting.

List at least five favorite flowers or plants.

Tomato plants (they smell amazing), sun flowers, daisies and Black-eyed Susans,  strawberry plants, lilac bushes.  What is wrong with me, I don’t have any of those!  I have had great success with tomato plants but we always get early frosts here and all the fussing with them in the fall is stressful.  Yes, I am that kind of gardener.  Maybe I’ll try some again next year since I’ve had several seasons break from it.  We grew dwarf sunflowers once in front of our house.  I have a picture somewhere to prove it.  They were beautiful and odd-looking  at the same time.  Sunflowers should be gigantic and in fields.

People with green thumbs are admirable.  That gene skipped a generation with me and went straight to my daughter.  I’m sure the ghost of my grandma hovers over her and her plants in a state of blissful ecstasy.

What inspired you this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

That magpie was pretty inspiring.  I took a photo of it on some half dead grass and it rolled its little bird eyes and flew over to a rock amongst some bushes and posed there for me instead.  That was the day W decided to accompany me on my walk but went missing a few blocks into it.  He was admiring some guys front yard and I guess stopped long enough to be noticed and struck up a conversation with him while I just kept walking because I was out for a walk dammit, not gawking at front yards or a chat with some random stranger.  I went all the way to a busy street and doubled back thinking I would meet him continuing on the walk.  But there was no sign of him, so I walked through the park and then back over to the busy street again to see if he might have gone that way, then back through some walkways and back to the exit from the park just in case he was somewhere around there.  Anyway you get the picture, me walking around in circles and W nowhere to be found.  I was home and showered and had breakfast before he finally showed up, all happy that the guy he was talking to took him into his backyard to show off his award-winning landscaping horticulturists dreamscape.  The guy has a guest book so apparently he’s delighted to entertain nosy people and take them on tours.

This is the kind of shit that happens when you marry an extrovert.  You cannot take a normal walk together.  So we haven’t tried that again.  I go walking on quiet residential streets after people have gone to work.  He goes to the busy streets around the mall.  I don’t even like to say hello to people.  He learns six peoples life stories in ten minutes or less.

Next week we are leaving on a four day road trip, from Alberta through Saskatchewan and Manitoba to southwestern Ontario where we will visit family for a couple of weeks before heading back home.  I’m excited about the family part.  He is really excited about the drive.  Weird.

So I might be around here less, although I’m not sure how that is even possible, or I might be so bored driving through places like the prairies that I learn how to use my iPad without getting car sick.  Just so you know to expect the unexpected.  Or the completely predictable.  I will probably be doing some of the driving as well, so when W is hanging out the passenger side window becoming best friends with a service station attendant I can just drive off.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Labour Day weekend.


12 thoughts on “Sharing My World 74

  1. I’m with you on black. It simplifies life in many ways. Coffee stains don’t show. One purse and 1 pair of dress shoes and 1 pair of play shoes suffice. Same here on dogs. Purple Iris and yellow daffodils are my favorite flowers. I’m more like W on meeting people, but less inclined that way than in decades past. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Eight turkeys under the bird feeder were inspiring. At least I know I won’t ever have to go without meat. 🙂

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    • I had forgotten about the lack of coffee stains perk! When I wore a white lab coat all day the brown splotches were just part of my daily routine. There are lots of wild turkeys around my sisters place. I love seeing them puttering around. Yes it should be a good trip. Change of scenery is always good for putting things in perspective.


  2. For clothes, I choose black, black and more black! For dogs, I’ve always wanted a Newfoundland (preferably a black one!) I love Boston ferns–I think those are the ones that grow in the shade under big trees in the forest. Spending lots of time near the ocean has inspired me this week.

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  3. Blue.
    West Highland Terrier.
    Hollyhocks, Rhododendron, Rose, Anemone, Ring of Fire Sunflower.
    Great Ormond Street Hospital (for children) Kindness Scale. Top of the list for one little girl having chemotherapy was “My friend shaving her hair to make me feel better about losing mine”. ~ Out of the mouths of babes ~

    Now you know more about me than I do. 😀

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  4. Black is my favorite color, too. I have noticed that you can almost never get two black items of clothing to match! It’s most noticed when you’re already in the car on the way somewhere. …You have described being married to an extrovert exactly right. Same here, he never has met anyone yet, that he wouldn’t stop and have a conversation with. Meanwhile, I’m left waiting, or going on, then can’t find him. 🙂

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  5. Good stuff. Made me laugh! My husband tends to be like that, too. For clothes, I seem to be choosing shades of gray a lot (nothing to do with that book 50 Shades of Gray!) Seems to go with my gray hair or I’m under that illusion anyway.


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