So Where the Hell Have You Been?

There, now you don’t have to ask me that question. I appear to have stopped blogging for over a year (because unfinished unpublished posts in the drafts section don’t count) and boy do I ever have a years worth of excuses!  Want to hear them all?  No, I didn’t think so.

I’ve been right here this whole time, taking a long break from listening to myself, making actual real useful stuff with my hands instead of my head, and resting my brain.

I have made hats and mats and blankets and slippers and shawls.  Dolls and bears and zebras and giraffes.  I’ve made so much stuff it’s getting harder all the time to find anyone willing to take my latest greatest project home with them.  But I’m not finished and will keep going for as long as I’m able and for as long as Michaels has yarn sales.  I had forgotten how much I love to crochet, just like I’ve forgotten for a bit how much I love to write.

The memories that pop up on Facebook for me are getting downright scary.  Nine years ago my two oldest grandkids were nine years old.  Now they’re eighteen;  and the fifteen, fourteen and thirteen year olds are right behind them, with a grandma getting progressively more ancient by the minute.

Time for me to tell more stories while I can still remember things.  Maybe these beautiful young people I’m so happy to have in my life will one day have questions I’m not around to answer.  I mean seriously, look how fast one year, never mind nine years, whizzes right on by.  Maybe I have another nine in me, but you never know.

My grandma started saying “Well, this could be my last Christmas!” when she was in her seventies, and kept it up for almost 30 years.  I’d like to be that lucky.  Plus, the older I get, the greater the possibility of uttering totally bizarre shit that will make my descendants laugh and roll their eyes and wonder if that’s how they’re going to end up.  I like that feeling of power.



12 thoughts on “So Where the Hell Have You Been?

  1. She’s back!!!!!!
    There are some bloggers, that after a significant time of not writing I sort of give the old heave-ho to when it comes to following their blog. There are a few however, like your’s Lin, that have made me smile and given me a reason to keep reading, and those I hang on to, hoping that someday they will return.
    Thanks for returning 🙂

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  2. Welcome back! What a beautiful group of grandchildren you have! And also I really get the joy of making things with your hands. I can do basic crochet, and used to be able to some pretty fancy knitting, but it’s sewing that’s my thing. When I need a break from writing and photo editing I turn to sewing.

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    • Thanks, yes my grandchildren are all gorgeous, I know how lucky I am to see them growing up. I used to do some sewing too but it was not relaxing AT ALL. The opposite actually. I will stick to what makes me least crazy. Lol

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  3. I have so many questions for my grandmother. Maternal grandmother. I really wish I asked her but at 15 I wasn’t interested in the past. Ugh. With my paternal grandmother there is a language barrier but I still do learn some wonderful things. Apparently she got married at 13!??! But anyway, I digress. Your humour is catching, I found myself chuckling reading this. Your grandchildren are beautiful and you are lucky to have them!

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