Canada is Cool

How cool is it?

It’s SO cool the following things have been reported on social media:

– Some guy was seen cleaning the snow off his windshield with a hockey stick.

– Some other guy was seen shovelling snow off his sidewalk with a lawn chair.

No fried brains here. Just frozen ones.

In other cold related news, the Calgary Zoo had to cancel their penguin walk yesterday, because king penguins get stressed out in extreme temperatures. Well, don’t we all.

The sun was shining at our house today, but the air is bitterly cold. Like -35 to -40 C depending on where you are and how much wind there is and what snowbank you’re trying to get your vehicle out of. This is when the snow gets crunchy and squeaky and hard as rock if you let it get packed.

Better temperatures are on the way though, so we can slowly thaw out next week.

We are almost at the halfway mark for January!

Look how happy I am about that.

3 thoughts on “Canada is Cool

  1. We’ve been cold as well Lin, but our cold standards don’t even come close to yours. Teens and 20’s mostly and it’s warming back into the 40’s soon with rain.
    You seem pretty cheery about your situation. I would not be. 🙂

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    • Oh well my “cheery” is mostly because I’m in my nice warm house with no good reason to leave it at the moment. When the penguins were told they didn’t have to freeze their butts off on their scheduled walk I bet they were all doing penguin cheers.

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