Sharing My World 91

Share Your World August 31, 2020

Share Your World Meets Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Roger’s Magical, Mystical Questions

Many local regions, especially rural areas where I live, have haunted houses. Have you ever spent the night in a house that was supposedly haunted? Anything ‘strange” happen?

Once in the farmhouse where I grew up we were all present and accounted for at the kitchen table eating dinner when we heard someone coming down the back stairs. I remember saying, did you hear that? Who was that? and looking at the doorway to see who would show up. But nobody did, because we were all there already. Someone said it was just the house creaking. But I know what I heard. I guess whoever it was quietly left by the back door and never came back because that’s the only truly spooky thing I remember happening in that house.

There were a lot of odd sounds in this house when we first moved here. I believe the original owner died so the house was sold. And then the next owner died and that’s when we bought it. I dont think either of them died in the house, but I wondered if one or the other might still be hanging around. Because I sometimes wonder weird shit like that. I may have mentioned in passing that our new house could be haunted, but no one else heard things being moved about in the basement or footsteps in another room. After a few weeks I guess I got used to the different house noises because I didn’t notice them anymore. Or the ghosts were bored silly and left. I’m open to either explanation

The Quidditch Cup (riding broomsticks while chasing a small ball) was a huge sporting event in the land of Hogwarts. What is the largest sporting event (or concert, etc.) that you have ever attended?

I went to a Blue Jays baseball game in Toronto! Can’t remember when it was or who they played! That place was HUGE! So happy to share this vivid memory with you all.

When you go for a swim, do you prefer an ocean, the seaside lakes, or a pool?

I prefer NOT going for a swim anywhere, thanks. The ocean would be my very last choice. The shallow end of a pool or a sandy beach where I could wade in up to my knees might be tolerable.

Ron Weasley received a horrid robe to wear as formal wear to the Christmas dance at Hogwarts. Tell about the most ‘ghastly’ fashion statement that you have ever made.

Oh dear, so many choices. But you never know they’re ghastly until the photos surface ten years later, do you?

I used to wear crocs to work. Ghastly fashion choice all on its own, but those things were SO comfy. I was getting out of the car at home after work one night and noticed that one of the crocs I was wearing was navy blue and the other one was black. All day I walked around like that and no one told me.

Muggle Questions (from Melanie):

What is the last song you sang along to?

Honestly can’t remember, other than it would have been something from the sixties to which I knew ALL the words. I sing along in my head only now. Sounds much better that way.

What was your scariest nightmare about?

A big black dog growling at me and ready to bite. I was maybe 5 or younger and terrified enough to scream in the middle of the night for my dad to save me. He told me to roll over in the other direction, go back to sleep, and the dog would go away. Smartest bravest dad ever.

What food do you crave most often?

A big bowl of hot delicious homemade soup. My instant pot makes 5 or 6 servings, so I make soup every 5 or 6 days I guess. It’s a very creative endeavour with lots of experimenting and mostly great results. Perfect way to consume lots of vegetables.

And now for the truth. I crave CHIPS. I make myself eat soup first though.

What’s your grossest bug story?

I don’t know if anyone remembers spirals of sticky fly paper hanging from the ceiling with sad buzzing half dead flies on them. There were always so many flies on the farm mom had to do something to keep them under control in the kitchen. That doesn’t explain why she hung one of those things at the bottom of the stairs where a normal person would see and avoid it but a kid in a hurry could come thundering down the steps and run right smack into it and get it all tangled up in her hair. Never been so grossed out in my life.

And that’s my world sharing all caught up until next week. I’m calling it caught up even though I’ve missed over six months worth of prompts and skipped number 89 in my own series.

I blame childhood trauma.

5 thoughts on “Sharing My World 91

  1. Thank you so much for Sharing Your World. I remember that fly paper. I always thought it looked disgusting, but never got near enough for it to get tangled in my hair! I agree fully that would rank as THE grossest thing! Good for you for being a soup maker! I always envied those who took it on, but I never attempted it, I’m too lazy I suppose. Campbell’s has to do. Those ghost stories sound really eerie! I’m glad they’re not hanging around to haunt you! Have a grand week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘ we were all present and accounted for at the kitchen table eating dinner when we heard someone coming down the back stairs.’ Wow! A great story!

    ‘But you never know they’re ghastly until the photos surface ten years later, do you?’ Oh, so true!

    Thanks for participating in this weeks questions.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooooh love haunted stories. My grandma’s house was definitely haunted, it still is. My mum and aunt recall an incident when they were younger. My aunt’s room was right at the top of the house and my mum’s was on the floor below, and once in the night my mum hear footsteps walking slowly, heavily, deliberately up the stairs. She hid under the covers terrified because she knew everyone else was sleeping and she knew nobody in the family walked like that. Upstairs, my aunt opened here eyes to see a tall dark figure standing at the foot of her bed staring at her, with a shiny face. She was gripped with terror but she sat up and bravely shouted ‘GO AWAY!’ before racing out of her room and down the stairs to my mum’s room, where my mum willingly let her in bed with her, something that would never happen normally, so they both knew what was up. My grandma has long passed, and my mum and aunt rent the house out to tenants, and they often ask jokingly about the noises at night and footsteps and random doors opening on their own. Your crocs story cracked me up! Its funny that advice about turning over in bed after a nightmare, my dad used to say the same thing to me. And that flypaper story was horrible! I love your ‘sharing my world’ segments, and glad they (or this!) are back 🙂

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