Three Things

Three ThingsChallenge 360

Terrible, Prone, Unlikely

Upon being presented with a group of three seemingly unrelated words meant to spur my creativity, I am prone to lumping them all together into one terrible sentence, thus completing the challenge in an unlikely manner with as little effort as humanly possible.

Such a cop out, I know. Terrible. Unlikely to impress anyone prone to taking their work and a challenge more seriously than I seem able to do today.

My photo is from yesterdays walk in the wilds surrounding our home. I’m always happy to come across anything I can take a picture of without looking like too much of a weirdo so that I can stop for a minute and catch my breath. There’s even a fake bird in the little bird bath. The whole thing is a perfect little splash of whimsy. I like it.

This cowboy on a broken gatepost though, is impressive in a whole other way. There’s got to be some wonderful touching heartfelt family story behind it, hey? Otherwise I hope these people are getting the help they need.

We had another frost warning last night! Not unlikely that there will be more of these in our terribly cold weather prone part of this wonderful world.

Okay I’m done now, as in – this challenge is done to death, sorry. Carry on with your day. Let me know if you come across any tiny cowboys in your travels.

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