In the interests of posting any old thing to let whoever is interested know I am still breathing, I present a photo of one of my home grown tomatoes for your perusal.

It’s the one on the left I’m talking about, in case that wasn’t immediately obvious. I don’t want to call it deformed or mutant, because maybe this is exactly how it decided to grow in an effort to stand out from the rest.

Wow, mission accomplished. I can’t even begin to tell you how sorely tempted I am to draw a face on it, but I can’t decide if it’s the devil or a cow.

Okay I’ve got to get back to my busy life, watching series three of Janet King on Acorn tv while listening for the timer to go off on the oven while crocheting a blanket while reading subtitles. What could possibly go wrong? I mean I’ve already got the tomato from hell, so whatever else the universe has in store for me I can probably deal.

10 thoughts on “Devilry?

  1. Lol! Well, you’d first need to determine which side the face should go on, right? (Nice haul of healthy-looking tomatoes. I’m envious! If my husband comes by, do not offer him that zucchini when he compliments it, I beg of you.)

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  2. This is so odd! It’s definitely more of a devil than a cow, but I am inclined to think it’s more of an impish devil than an evil devil. The face I image has eyebrows which meet down-turned in the middle just above the eyes and the cheekiest grin ever seen on a tomato. Lol. Also, I was thinking of this crotchet thing a while back, when I was debating whether or not to pick up my crocheting needle that my grandma used to teach me oh so many years ago.. how to watch something while crocheting? It’s a conundrum for sure. I watch things while I cook but that’s ok because you can glance at it while you stir a pot (just not while chopping things else you might get fingertip soup for dinner), but with crocheting? That is an art.

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    • The pattern I’m doing is simple and very repetitive, with no stitch counting involved, so I’m not claiming brilliance here. My mom used to knit while she carried on conversations without ever appearing to pay any attention to what she was doing. Funny how your brain can sort of go on auto pilot for some things.

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      • My grandma used to do that too! I guess if you’re so used to it and have a lot of experience you could get there. It’s like driving isn’t it, sometimes you can get places and not even remember the route you took or what happened on the way, like a dream.


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