Woke Week

This has been such a frustratingly weird week, and you’d think we’d all be used to weird weeks by now, but nope. Not happening for me, anyway. Every day there seems to be some new incredibly annoying thing to have strong feelings about.

– The second wave of COVID-19, which we were warned was coming, but didn’t really prepare for, and now are royally pissed off about, as if that helps anybody.

– The final downward spiral of all the sordid trumpian corruption from hell. Four years of absolute shit that will take forty years to clean up. Or four hundred. It’s hard to be optimistic after all this time.

– The blind prejudices everywhere in the world, and the greed and the stupidity and the hypocrisy and the nonsense and the manipulation and the gaslighting and the ignorance and on and on and on, ad infinitum. Yes, too much Twitter. I know. I am walking away now, I swear.

And that’s my completely negative rant for the day. As you may have surmised by now, my symphony of feelings can sometimes be one big discordant chaotic disharmonious mess. Not exactly something I’m keen to share every day.

But then I remind myself that the world is also full of incredible people who are good, smart, sensible, kind, loving, compassionate and determined. They don’t give up, ever.

“Bad guys” don’t play by the rules, unless it’s by the unfair ones they made up themselves for their own advantage. And that always leads to their ultimate downfall. The “good guys” will win in the end. Always.

So, feel all the feels, work on your own harmony, share your music, live your best life. Take a break from social media. (That last bit is advice mostly for myself). And have a lovely Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.