El Seis de Diciembre

View of dusk from my quiet desk in the bedroom on the sixth of December

Sometimes I get google to translate random phrases into another language if English is boring the hell out of me. Thus the above title appears in Spanish. It was a toss-up between that and Maori, te tuaono o Hakihea. Beautiful. You could set that to music. Don’t say I never taught you anything here. And it was a hard no to Welsh, y chweched o Ragfyr. (Probably pronounced as if it’s not spelled like that at all.)

I moved my little desk out of the living room which faces north because it is depressingly dark in there this time of year, and the Christmas tree takes up a lot of room. W has his little office area there and his ancient glider rocking chair which grinds and squeaks and grates on my nerves about a hundred times worse than a dripping faucet. He is deaf and wears headphones and is oblivious to it. And by ”it” I mean pretty much everything going on around him. He also naps and either snores loudly or appears to have stopped breathing completely or looks like he might fall out of his chair. This bedroom window faces south and gets the afternoon sun. And is on the other (quiet) (less eventful) side of the house. The view from my chair is of trees and rooftops and not the snow covered yard. So many pluses.

Man the days are short this time of year. It’s not properly light until 8:00 a.m and the darkness starts creeping in at 4:00 p.m. That’s when I start turning lights on everywhere anyway. A couple more weeks will bring us to the shortest day of the year and then it’s all uphill from there.

Maybe I should have called this one “the blog post that went nowhere” or ”le billet de blog qui n’est allé nulle part”. I got to share a cropped picture of my bedroom window so it wasn’t a complete waste of time, right? (Perdita de tempo if you’re in Italy)

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