Wolf Moon in a Snow Storm

Well that looks more like a wolf in a forest fire or hot lava. Or Mars. Oh well.

Every two or three days I get a reminder from Word Press, all cheery and motivational. ”It’s time to blog on Breathing Space!” Do something constructive while you’re sitting there on your ass, you lazy little twit! That last bit is inferred of course. I like to read a lot of bizarre extras into innocent things. It gets progressively more difficult to ignore these pesky notifications without guilt, so here I am at last. In my defence it HAS been less than a month since my last bit of blather, and it IS January after all. Both excellent excuses, right? I’m making a new rule for myself. No blogging in January until the month is more than halfway over. Also this rule is subject to revision like all my other life rules.

Tonight is the night of the Wolf Moon! I am so excited! First full moon of the New Year! We also have a snow storm warning today so the chances of seeing a moon worthy of howling at here are a bit slim I’m afraid. Like I’d be out there in ANY January weather checking it out anyway. So, not THAT excited after all I guess.

Other names for this special moon: (I looked them up in the Farmer’s Almanac) (I am ”my parents subscribed to this magazine” years old)

Center Moon (Assiniboine)

Cold Moon, Frost Exploding Moon, Great Moon (Cree)

Freeze Up Moon (Algonquin)

Severe Moon, Hard Moon (Dakota)

Canada Goose Moon (Tlingit)

Spirit Moon (Ojibwe)

January is obviously a good month for sitting around dreaming up moon names.

For us it’s been time spent more concerned than normal (whatever normal might be during a pandemic) about getting sick. Close family who spent Christmas with us are all triple vacinated, and yet a few of them have tested positive for Covid since then. Thankfully in all cases the symptoms have been relatively mild and over in a few days, but it’s still a scary situation to be in. After all this time of being vigilant and careful it’s so disheartening to have rampant cases of this new variant around and having next to no chance of preventing exposure to it unless you lock yourself in your bathroom and never come out. Never mind, if yours isn’t an air tight room, that one probably won’t work well either.

Anyway, what are your personal plans for this festive Frosty Snow Squally Frost Exploding Moon Evening? It’s the only one we’ll see in 2022 so I hope you’re acting accordingly and behaving appropriately, or ignoring it completely if that’s your cop-out choice. Just laying a little guilt on you all so I don’t feel so alone.

Did I mention the temperature is also supposed to plumet overnight? Not sure this day could get any better! At least we are still healthy and not in the middle of a raging forest fire or living on Mars! There’s always reasons to be thankful. Stay well and stay warm.

4 thoughts on “Wolf Moon in a Snow Storm

  1. Perhaps, if this wasn’t a winter moon it might be fun to frolic and gambol in a forested setting, flowers in my hair, mystical pan-flute music coming from somewhere nearby…
    I’m just going to go ahead, slip on my PJ’s around 7pm and watch a movie- probably not moon or wolf related.

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