Letters to WYA 3

Good Morning WYA

Do you rise and shine? Or do you stumble your way to the bathroom, eyes averted from the mirror and the frightening sight of whatever degree of bed head you’ve managed to achieve over night?

I have days where I roll out of bed simply to see if I’m able to do it without help. Or because some limb or other develops a sudden bed related cramp from my big waking up stretch. I can be motivated by curiosity about the weather. Or the promise of coffee. That’s a big one. The latest thing that gets me moving is Wordle by the New York Times. It’s a great way to get your brain in gear.

There is a new puzzle daily, so they have anticipation working for them, since you can’t play it all day and get sick of it. I’m pretty sure I would do that if I could and ruin it for myself. Only once has Wordle annoyed me so far, and that was the first time I played it having misread the instructions. Easier to be upset with the game than myself, right? You start with your own random five letter word and the game lets you know by colouring in the squares which letters are wrong, which ones are right but in the wrong spot, and which ones are bang on. You have six guesses to solve it. I suggest you don’t get the colours mixed up if you want to have any hope in hell of getting the right answer. This is what you can share on Twitter if you feel like it without giving away the answer.

Wordle 288 4/6


Anyway it’s challenging and fun and it keeps my old brain functioning. Sometimes I also do the word quizzes on the Merriam Webster Dictionary App. They can make me feel super intelligent. They can also make me wonder just how many functioning brain cells I’m actually working with.

My sister told me about another Wordle-like game called Canuckle. It’s the same thing with a Canadian vibe. The answers are Canada-related words like bison, polar and leafs. She was using ‘moose’ as her starting word knowing for sure that one would surface eventually, got tired of it, tried a different one…. and that’s the day moose was the right answer. Kind of funny if you find that sort of eye rolling situation amusing. Which we both did. We are SO related to each other.

Question time! Only silly ones allowed!

What is the worst thing you’ve ever stepped in with your bare feet? What is the worst thing you could fill a piñata with?

I’m answering ‘cat barf’ to both those questions.

May we all not have to deal with that disgusting stuff in any way at all today. Have a good one.