Letters to WYA 5

Distantly related giraffes

Hello Again WYA!

Isn’t it funny how we can write about day to day things as they happen in great detail regardless of their importance or relevance and then happily skip over a year of our lives with a sentence or two? I did a lot of crocheting during my long blogging hiatus. Many round and oval rugs, then a bunch of blankets, hats, slippers, a disastrous pair of mitts, a sweater that has half an arm left to finish. It’s around here somewhere. My life is full of fits and starts and short lived obsessions.

Eventually I reached the point where I was drowning in left over yarn and thus began my “random stuffed things” phase. There are so many pictures of dolls and bunnies and teddies perhaps I’ll share them with you over my next few letters – the good, the bad and the ugly. Lucky you, hey? Just be glad you weren’t one of the many, many recipients of the fruits of my creative blitz.

In other exciting news, I own some possessed appliances. This curse I have goes all the way back to my Friday the 13th birthdate, because what the hell, might as well put the blame somewhere.

Several years ago I went through maybe four (I lost count) microwaves in a startlingly short period of time. I would pick up a new one at the store and bring it home to die. Touch wood the current one has stuck it out for a couple of years now without appearing to have a death wish.

My first Kuerig coffee machine burned out it’s water pump when I tried to clean it. Glutton for punishment that I am I also tried to clean the second one only to have it clog up and stop working as well, but W was able to take it apart, disconnect the water hoses, blow the blockage out and put it back together and get it working again. Amazing! Meanwhile, having no faith in him at all, I already had a new one on the go because life without a working Kuerig is no life at all.

This morning I DID NOT clean my coffee machine, having learned that doing so is really bad luck, and the stupid thing quit on me anyway. Lights on, nobody home. So I hauled out the old one that W had repaired. It was a bit dusty but still works just fine.

I turned K #2 upside down over the sink and sprayed hot water in and around the place where the brewed coffee comes out and a lot of grunge and brown water drained out from somewhere. Cleaned out the water intake, refilled the reservoir, tried it again, and this time the water heating thing came on (Yay!) but the water wouldn’t pump. I shook it, clunked it around on the counter a bit, gave it a gentle pounding, felt like swearing at it but pleaded shamelessly with it instead and then left it alone and unplugged so it could think about what it did. Or didn’t do. I’m sure this is exactly what small appliance repair people use as their modus operandi before quoting you a ridiculous amount of money to try other things.

The poor thing, obviously very over worked and under cleaned apparently just needed it’s own little hiatus. I decided to give it another try this afternoon and it went through it’s little coffee brewing cycle without a hitch. I just don’t even know what to say anymore.

Treat your small appliances with respect I guess. You never know when they might turn all pouty and sulky and shut themselves down for awhile. Can full out attacking you be far behind?

At the moment I have two functioning coffee machines on my counter. Even though they are both no doubt still possessed by some evil demon, this makes me deliriously happy. Yeah, it doesn’t take much. Enjoying my umpteenth cup of coffee for today. Life is good.