Letters to WYA 6

Some ferly little creatures

Happy Thursday WYA my friend.

The other day, quite by accident, I learned an interesting new word. My scrabble/words with friends play often consists of taking the letters I have and arranging them randomly in different spots to see if the game accepts them. So if you’re playing me and have never heard of the word I just used, chances are I haven’t either because it was just a lucky stab in the dark. It’s not like I actually know the names of all the obscure monetary units in countries on the other side of the world. I also was unfamiliar with the word ”ferly” (my spell check isn’t liking it much either).

Definition of ferly

noun, plural fer·lies.

something unusual, strange, or causing wonder or terror.

astonishment; wonder.


unexpected; strange; unusual.

So there you go. It kind of defines itself. But how to use it in a sentence? Time travel to the late 1300’s I guess.

As on a May morning, on Malvern hills, / Me befell a ferly of fairy, methought. (WILLIAM LANGLAND (C1330–C1400), THE VISION OF PIERS PLOWMAN, 1360–99)

Totally clear now, right? Not confident this word will catch on in my every day vocabulary, but might make a good guess word for Wordle, unless even Wordle has never heard of it.

This afternoon I sat outside in the sunshine for awhile, listening to the crows and the magpies natter at each other. I paid slightly less attention to W who thinks we should have a down spout from the fence-side corner of the garage roof with some sort of contraption that carries rain water running along the fence until it’s beyond the back door because sometimes a puddle of water accumulates there around the door mat. I wondered how that would work with the big garbage bins beside the garage and he said let’s move them down the driveway beside the chimney. Our driveway is super narrow where the chimney sticks out from the house and now with two bins sticking out a little beyond that it’s going to be even more ferly getting in and out without taking off your passenger side mirror. Stay to the fence side to avoid the bins and then edge over the other way to avoid the downspout thing (which may never materialize) But we will see what happens! I think the first person to have an issue with this new arrangement will be W backing his truck out. Anyway I will enjoy the backyard without giant garbage bins for as long as this lasts.

What ferly things are going on in your life these days? I’m venturing a guess that whatever it is probably will put fewer people to sleep than my current major driveway event. Update tomorrow!

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