Letters to WYA 8

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Hello my friend!

Today I left the house! And it wasn’t just to take some garbage out or shake the carpet runner at the back door. Or bring in a delivered parcel from Amazon. Although that’s just sticking my arm out the door if they haven’t been too creative about where they left it, like in the empty flower pot. That one was a puzzler for a minute or two. It’s a breezy sunshiny day but still bitterly cold. Bone chilling really because it fools you by looking so pleasant that you don’t put on enough clothes before you venture out.

We got e-mails from our accountant this morning to tell us our tax returns are done. He gave us all kinds of links and portals and options to download and view and pay, and then, having obviously dealt with old fogeys before, said if we were not comfortable with all the rigamarole to call his office and arrange to come in and sign things in person. So W gave him a call and said we’d be happy to sign in person so we don’t screw anything up digitally. I don’t know, that made me laugh, because between the two of us we can definitely do digital screw ups.

I put a hoodie over my sweatshirt for the 10 minute drive, instantly froze solid between the back door and the garage, and was just starting to thaw out as we arrived back home. Seriously I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating much. Okay well maybe a smidgen. Probably should get out more so I’m not such a drama queen about it.

In my search for silly questions I believe I have discovered the best one ever. At least it’s going to be pretty hard to top.

If you were a doll, what accessories would you be sold with?

Hahaha! And what would I be called? Pre-dementia Barbie? I would be wearing a sweat shirt and black yoga pants and come with a change of clothes exactly the same as the original outfit! There would be a giant water bottle and an IPad and great huge wooly socks. And several coffee mugs. That could be the item you can buy separately and collect, all shapes and sizes and colours. I cannot imagine why this doll would not immediately become a best seller and make me insanely rich.

I just noticed a pair of mallards flying over our front yard and landing across the street in the neighbour’s yard under their bird feeders! It makes me so happy to see them back again. We had a pair frequent our back yard for a few springs, but I guess the birdseed is tastier across the road. Warmer weather must be on the way.

Until next time, much love.

4 thoughts on “Letters to WYA 8

  1. My big adventure for the day was grocery shopping. When I came back out to my car I realized I hadn’t even bothered to lock it. Maybe that could be another feature of the aging Barbie.

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