Letters to WYA 9

Any Animal Can Rock Some Crazy Stripes

Well WYA, here I am again. Never at a loss for vague randomness put into paragraphs.

I’ve recently finished watching ”American Gods” on Prime. Three seasons no less! Pretty sure it makes my top ten list of bizarre things I’ve binge-watched. It’s based on the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman, so you know it’s going to be weird in a really good way. I am now compelled to get the book to see what’s different and possibly better explained because holy hell it was a whack of craziness. And didn’t end satisfactorily at all. The series was cancelled after season three but there’s a lot of loose ends and dangling characters left to sort out. I hate it when I know I’m on the last episode and fully expecting everything to resolve and it doesn’t.

In other non exciting news, the neighbours across the street from us had a gigantic tree removed. A branch was broken on it by one of the big snow removal vehicles a couple of months ago. It caught on the top of it somehow as they were going by scraping the road, and the branch came down and blocked a driveway. The tree was right beside the sidewalk, and so big that there was over hang on the road. So the county people had to come and chop up the branch and remove it. Then I guess the neighbours decided to get rid of the whole colossally big tree. It took the better part of a day, and a lot of that when they got down to the stump trying to chainsaw it. I don’t think chainsaw is supposed to be a verb, but they were definitely chainsawing for a long time and still left a monstrous mound of wood for stump grinders to work on next. It’s all a very noisy process because most of the wood is fed into a chipper. Whatever is too big for that they can either haul away or leave for the owner for firewood. Looks like they’ve opted to dispose of it themselves, because it’s all piled up in front of their storage shed. Maybe they’re going to build a log cabin. It looks possible from the amount of lumber. Or make a hundred bazillion toothpicks.

Something has gone wrong with the steering in my car so we are waiting for a couple of weeks for a replacement part for it. I would love to go into ridiculous detail about this but I had a hard time getting all the tree facts straight so not going to attempt a mechanical explanation for anything. The car runs but doesn’t feel right. The professionals can deal with it.

Well I’m off to order a book for my Kindle and actually pay money for it to find out what happens to the American Gods. Normally I order nothing but the freebies through Book Bub or The Fussy Librarian because I’m a cheapskate and feel bad that I have so many real books already that some poor sod is going to have to deal with when I’m gone because I cannot make myself get rid of any of them. Gasp. Out of breath after that run on sentence.

Hope you are enjoying spring weather wherever you are! Still deceptively cold here with a forecast of snow. Excellent book reading weather though, so there’s that.

10 thoughts on “Letters to WYA 9

  1. Someone recommended a Neil Gaiman book to me. After reading a synopsis I passed. Fantasy isn’t my genre. The car thing sounds a bit dangerous. I applaud you for knowing something was off. I’m really tuned into sounds that are not normal in my car. Most of the time they have been a prelude to something needing repair.

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    • Neil Gaiman is so much more than a fantasy writer (dark fantasy, horror, comedy, science fiction) based on reality and tradition and people’s strange beliefs. Brilliant teller of stories. When he collaborates with Terry Pratchett the results are a special kind of magic. Not for everyone though I guess. Funny how we get attuned to our vehicles – best not to ignore your instincts on that one.


  2. It’s uncanny.
    I am a big Neil Gaiman fan.
    Am busy reading the Graveyard kid.
    For the second time.
    I have American Gods but have not read it for years.
    Will re-read it soon.
    Warning..it is a THICK book.

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