Letters to WYA 10

Hey there WYA, what’s up?

Here’s hoping you don’t feel ignored or anything, it’s just that I’ve become immersed in Neil Gaiman’s ’American Gods’ (the book, following my watching of the t.v. series). Seems kind of a backwards way to go about things, but there’s bound to be differences and various opinions about which one (the book or the series) was better either way. A book can make a character’s thoughts clear by telling you what they are, while an actor must portray a lot of what’s going on inside his head with facial expressions and nuances of speech, both of which a reader has to infer. So it’s a toss up really. They are both telling a story, and stories get boggled about in the telling.

Everybody does it with stories I think. Embellishes or skips over bits depending on their audience. Except for a person I worked with years ago who could tell a story from beginning to end and then repeat it to another co-worker word for word. Nothing added, nothing left out. She was a lovely person except for that. It was exhausting to listen to everything three times over. Once she related an entire heated argument between her daughter and her son-in-law including what both of them said and exactly how they said it. The argument happened in her home while she was at work. So either she had a spy cam or she took her daughter’s version and imagined the rest. I don’t know if that’s a weird talent or a curse.

Anyway, what got me thinking about that ancient history? You bring out the bizarre in me WYA. Speaking of bizarre, I think W loves running lawn mowers more than any other activity on earth. The original Lawn Ranger. It’s a beautiful sunny day, there are still swatches of snow here and there, the grass is still looking brown and dead, but he is OUT THERE going over the yard for the umpteenth time this ”spring”, in between snow dumps of course. Those days are for snow blowing, quick before it melts. The neighbours appear to have given up staring at him and seem to accept that he is just looney toons. He says he is sucking up all the mulch which he already sucked the life out of in the fall. I told him he is disturbing and destroying new insect life and he does not care. Some days he wheels the lawn mowers (YES we have TWO of them) out of the garage and lets them sun themselves in the driveway. You can probably appreciate why I believe I am the more sane half of this partnership.

Last night the little handle broke on the sprayer attachment on our kitchen taps. It didn’t work well anyway, but now it is useless and W has promised to replace it. It must be at least second on his list of priorities for the day. Whereas I don’t even have a list, so one point for W.

I think it’s time for another coffee to be consumed in the sunshine. Didn’t need a list for that important activity. I watched a video of a ’human bird feeder’ where someone held a handful of bird seed and sat completely motionless until a bird landed for a snack. I can sit that still, no problem. Containing my excitement if a bird actually appeared would take some serious skill and concentration, which I probably lack. Plus what if my coffee spilled.

Hope your day, like the one Jazzy and friends are enjoying, is colourful and sweet.

Love from moi.