Letters to WYA 10

Hey there WYA, what’s up?

Here’s hoping you don’t feel ignored or anything, it’s just that I’ve become immersed in Neil Gaiman’s ’American Gods’ (the book, following my watching of the t.v. series). Seems kind of a backwards way to go about things, but there’s bound to be differences and various opinions about which one (the book or the series) was better either way. A book can make a character’s thoughts clear by telling you what they are, while an actor must portray a lot of what’s going on inside his head with facial expressions and nuances of speech, both of which a reader has to infer. So it’s a toss up really. They are both telling a story, and stories get boggled about in the telling.

Everybody does it with stories I think. Embellishes or skips over bits depending on their audience. Except for a person I worked with years ago who could tell a story from beginning to end and then repeat it to another co-worker word for word. Nothing added, nothing left out. She was a lovely person except for that. It was exhausting to listen to everything three times over. Once she related an entire heated argument between her daughter and her son-in-law including what both of them said and exactly how they said it. The argument happened in her home while she was at work. So either she had a spy cam or she took her daughter’s version and imagined the rest. I don’t know if that’s a weird talent or a curse.

Anyway, what got me thinking about that ancient history? You bring out the bizarre in me WYA. Speaking of bizarre, I think W loves running lawn mowers more than any other activity on earth. The original Lawn Ranger. It’s a beautiful sunny day, there are still swatches of snow here and there, the grass is still looking brown and dead, but he is OUT THERE going over the yard for the umpteenth time this ”spring”, in between snow dumps of course. Those days are for snow blowing, quick before it melts. The neighbours appear to have given up staring at him and seem to accept that he is just looney toons. He says he is sucking up all the mulch which he already sucked the life out of in the fall. I told him he is disturbing and destroying new insect life and he does not care. Some days he wheels the lawn mowers (YES we have TWO of them) out of the garage and lets them sun themselves in the driveway. You can probably appreciate why I believe I am the more sane half of this partnership.

Last night the little handle broke on the sprayer attachment on our kitchen taps. It didn’t work well anyway, but now it is useless and W has promised to replace it. It must be at least second on his list of priorities for the day. Whereas I don’t even have a list, so one point for W.

I think it’s time for another coffee to be consumed in the sunshine. Didn’t need a list for that important activity. I watched a video of a ’human bird feeder’ where someone held a handful of bird seed and sat completely motionless until a bird landed for a snack. I can sit that still, no problem. Containing my excitement if a bird actually appeared would take some serious skill and concentration, which I probably lack. Plus what if my coffee spilled.

Hope your day, like the one Jazzy and friends are enjoying, is colourful and sweet.

Love from moi.

14 thoughts on “Letters to WYA 10

  1. Jazzy is looking good in the fine sunshine! It seems all the blogs I’m reading today have been rewarded with sun. I haven’t mowed a lawn in years thankfully. 2 mowers seems a bit extreme I think. Do they do different things?

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  2. Am also working my way through American Gods. I know I read it years back but I had forgotten all of it. This is strange because it is quite graphic.
    My Stepdad can quote loads of stuff.
    I have a friend who can quote all sorts of things from books she has read.
    I free up my brain for the important stuff.
    Like where is my phone, my bag and my car keys.

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  3. Your W’s obsession with his lawnmowers is so heartwarming. The only person I know who is as obsessed with lawnmowers is my son. The obsession started when he was 1.5, he used to call it a ‘dabda’, and from then on he just could never get enough of them. He could happily watch videos of people mowing lawns on youtube for hours. I got such a chuckle out of W letting his lawnmowers sun a bit outside the garage. It’s so ridiculously wholesome. You know your bird feeder comment reminded me of these tik too reels that were going around recently – where some women would put a hat on, and put the birdfeed in the visor bit, wear sunglasses, and stand in the garden for a bit until a bird landed on their head and pecked at the feed in their hat. It was fantastic. I hope you are keeping well. It’s great to see Jazzy back! 😀

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    • Oh my goodness I wonder if W’s obsession started that early! Lol. Too cute. Tomorrow is our large item pick up garbage day – twice a year they will haul away some big thing you want to get rid of. W said he might drive around the neighborhood and see if anyone put any old lawn mowers out. I’m not often at a loss for words, but that did me in.

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      • Hahaha I would be interested to know too, want to see if my boy takes this obsession into adulthood too! Did he find any old mowers? I remembered your story while I was washing dishes today and it made me smile again!

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        • No, he found no more lawn mowers but he came home with two outdoor chairs with the seats worn through. They have been all fixed up with slabs of plywood and old cushions. This is such a classy place I don’t even have words.

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  4. Hi. I really like Jazzy. And her cat. And the owl. In fact, all of it. Like you, I’d watch the programme or the film and then read the book. Watching the film first gives me its bones, but then reading the book fills in all the details. You make some good points, though.

    I have a garden man (as I call him. His name is actually Mick) – he comes to cut my grass – a bit too short for me (and there’s a fair bit of it too) every two weeks. I have the same issue as you do with your W (I’m guessing that’s your partner? Sorry if I’m assuming). Mick has got a big petrol mower which he’s pleased with as he doesn’t have to worry about tripping over the cable. But cutting it so short means he chops the heads off of the beautiful daisies, buttercups, forget-me-nots in the grass and even the dandelions – all good for the insects and other wildlife (as you mentioned too). I’m considering asking him to cut around the flowers next time until they die naturally at the end of the season.

    Out of interest, can I ask what WYA stands for? Hope you manage to get your taps fixed too. Ellie

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    • WYA is “whoever you are”. Yes, brilliant I know. Haha. And I have been married to W for 50 years. You’d think I might have him figured out by now. When we were both working we used to have a lawn service that came every week! They did a great job but it was just too expensive and we’re less lazy now.

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