Letters to WYA 11

Holy Thursday WYA! And Holy whatever late date in April it’s suddenly become!

I almost posted a picture of a blackberry mandarin salad (with spinach and bits of feta cheese and other awesome stuff but I don’t remember where I copied it from so you will have to wait for me to make one myself and take my own pic to see that delightful dish. The bunny wins at cute anyway.

Way back in my elementary school days when letter writing was popular (writing with a pen on paper and mailing things in envelopes that didn’t yet require postal codes) I had a teacher who gave us a letter writing assignment. Easy peasy I thought, because I loved to write letters. The only stipulation was that for this letter to a random friend we could not start off with “Dear So and So, How are you? I am fine.” I was stumped. That’s exactly how all my letters began. It was as carved in stone for me as the fact that all good stories began with ”Once upon a time”. Why was she making us change things? I don’t know what I finally came up with, but I know my brain hurt trying to think of something and it definitely wasn’t “Holy Thursday!”

Anyway, I do hope you are well and it is perfectly fine for you to assume that I am also well. All is not necessarily well with the world, but hopefully there are people smarter than us working on that. I’m not sure my letter writing skills have progressed much over the years, but no teacher will scribble all over this effort with a red pen so I don’t care.

Today we got some new outdoor solar lights for the front walkway and whatever other surprising places W decides to put them. There’s just eight of them so he can’t go too crazy.

I got the best news a few days ago about our farm house where we grew up! The sister who lives the closest to it shared with the other two of us that the house is being restored, and she and her family were lucky enough to have the current owner give them a tour of the house to show them what he has done. It sounds absolutely delightful! I think all of us had resigned ourselves to the probability of it going to ruin. The property was put up for sale this last time with the house as a tear-down. We are so happy that someone saw the possibilities and decided to save it. It’s hard to imagine the amount of work it needed right down to the bare bones. The plumbing and heating and wiring would all have had to be modernized. What a huge undertaking. Anyone who takes on this kind of project to preserve a bit of history deserves all the accolades. It’s a lovely quiet spot in the country, surrounded by land that is still farmed but owned by someone else, and the place is no doubt still filled with happy memories. No one can renovate those away, can they? I wish him nothing but the best.

Speaking of bunnies, which we really haven’t been but whatever, we are now, there’s a jack rabbit in our neighbourhood who runs across our front lawn several times a day, both directions, no set schedule that I can discern. On his own bunny time doing rabbity stuff.

I don’t think I retained many of the letter writing rules from that long ago class. Unless one of them was to flit around from subject to subject for no apparent reason.

So I don’t know where this week went or why the month disappeared in such a hurry, but here we are. Salads, solar lights, farm houses, jack rabbits and letters to a friend, all taken care of for this Thursday. Quite possibly forever if we’re lucky. That’s how you sum up all the random unrelated things so it sounds like you had a plan. I hope you’ve been taking notes, although I promise there will be no test later.

Have a good one WYA.

18 thoughts on “Letters to WYA 11

    • I love your factual statement rambles too! Not as ramble-y as mine thank goodness. I am at the part in the book where Shadow is about to find out what happened to the disappearing kids in Lakeside. At least he found out in the tv series. The biggest difference so far has been the lack of info on Laura. In the series she is a constant presence, in the book she’s been barely mentioned in comparison. So I guess I’m about halfway. Really enjoying it.

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  1. Although I love the vision of blackberry and mandarin salad, and it sounds very tempting, I think I’ve got to vote also for the little bunny. I remember having penpals too. I had one girl in Sweden with, probably, better English than mine, and one in Scotland. We wrote regularly until we sort of grew out of it. I, also, always started my letters (as I still do – I think) with ‘Dear Whoever, how are you? I’m fine.’ I wonder how many other people do that?

    I can really identify with what you’ve written about your childhood home being saved and renovated. After I lost my Mum in 2016, her house had to be sold. It was a fairly run-down Victorian terraced house in London. I would have needed so much done to make it habitable – new electrics and plumbing as both of these were the original utilities when the house was built in 1898! Now, it’s been refurbished. I’ve only seen it from a photo and wrote a recent post about it (The Missing Mum Years) which I think you read. In my case, it makes me quite sad as I prefer to remember the way it was all the years I lived there. I’m so glad you’re happy about your farmhouse home being given another lease of life.

    I love the way you meander through your posts – they’re lovely to read. As you can, no doubt, tell from my comments, I’m a dreadful meanderer! I write far too much! Sorry.

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