Letters to WYA 14

Hiya WYA. This is what happens when you shove the biggest walnut to the back of your beak and then try to pick up smaller ones with a beak that can’t close. So maybe not ALL crows are super smart.

I like to spend time outside in the sunshine, especially when this little guy drops by, but not messing about with plants. For the record (are we keeping records?) I would like everyone to know exactly how much I dislike gardening. Gardening does not like me much either. The only plants I have ever felt inclined to nurture are tomato plants and orange Tiger Lillies. Coincidentally those are also the only plants not inclined to drop dead on me for no good reason other than being choked to death by weeds I ignore, or by a severe lack of water. This is why I cannot ever be a Green Witch. Good thing I never thought seriously about becoming one because it would have been a disastrous career choice.

Before W heads east for the summer he plants a bunch of stuff that he expects me to look after. Then he tells our adult son and daughter who do not live here to look after his garden because “your mother won’t”. Then I baby my tomato plants and admire my independent little lilies and mostly ignore all the other stuff. The kids sometimes drop over and show pretty much no interest at all in what’s growing except maybe for the grass if I’ve been lazier than normal about cutting it. Later in the summer they will harvest a few of the survivors if there are any, like radishes and yellow beans and I will force them to take home about 10 times as many tomatoes as they want or need. Since my one granddaughter no longer has a Guinea Pig I don’t think anyone will want lettuce this time around although I’m not sure where it is yet.

I’m telling you all this partly because I have nothing much going on in my head at the moment, but mostly to brag that I actually went outside today and pulled some weeds. I don’t know what the hell came over me. I also trimmed a scraggly looking bush and pulled some rhubarb. I don’t seem to be able to kill rhubarb either, but I don’t know of anyone who can so I’m not surprised by its crazy will to live. Anyway I quickly got tired and sweaty and started cursing so I had to quit and come inside because no one should subject their neighbours to that kind of negative crap.

W planted about three thousand hills of potatoes behind the garage and I noticed they are thriving so I won’t be disturbing them. I don’t think he left any spaces there at all for weeds. There’s definitely no room to step into that jungle to look. So that’s another job done, right? Perfect. My kind of plant maintenance. I hope we continue to get lovely rain showers as the season progresses. And not just because it means I don’t have to water anything. The air just feels so fresh and clean after a good rain.

My kind of bugs.

Okay that’s all she wrote! After being so industrious I can now sit around with a coffee or two and read without guilt. Just like on the days when I’m not industrious at all.

Letters to WYA 13

Good Morning Sunshine!

I’ve been gone so long I got logged out of this place! How rude. Just a lazy-ass streak, and there’s nothing new about that. So let’s reconnect and carry on, shall we?

I am currently immersed in glorious me time since W drove off across the country to his northern Ontario Island. He got there on the first of June and has already started with long texts and phone calls to me, not because he misses me (although maybe he does a bit, who knows why) but because he is an incredibly social person who hates being alone, loves to talk, extroverted in the extreme. Exhausting, in other words. We are very different. Time apart is very good for us. Especially me.

I have befriended a big black crow who is surprisingly silent. At least I’ve never heard him say anything. If he does start talking to me I will get on some meds right away I promise. I put out some walnuts, peanuts and black currants for him every couple of days and we are now quite comfortable with each other. There is another crow that sits in the nearby trees or on our fence and squawks his little brains out but never comes close when I’m outside. Zen crow swoops down onto the upper back lawn while I sit in my lawn chair drinking coffee, hops over to the steps and down to the driveway and over to the food. He eats some stuff, has a drink of water, and then stuffs his beak full of as many walnuts as he can carry and takes off to stash them somewhere. Or share them with his noisy friends. I don’t know what he does next. Then he comes back and repeats the process, more or less. Inserting this video was a mind boggling process which I may never repeat exactly either.

I’m still not convinced it’s going to work, so here’s a picture of Zen crow as well.

And now I am all crowed out for today. Except to tell you he doesn’t really like the peanuts and often leaves them for the squirrel and the magpies to fight over.

Only a couple more lengthening days to come before they start getting shorter again! All this daylight is lovely. I stay up way too late and get up much too early. And I eat whatever damned thing I want. Like guacamole on veggie burgers. And cut the grass whenever I feel like it and NOT the way I have been instructed ad nauseam by the wandering lawn ranger who would not be impressed if he knew. Whatever disastrous thing it looks like when he returns I will just blame on the weather.

Hope you are enjoying the long lazy days of summer and that all is well. Peace and love WYA.