Letters to WYA 14

Hiya WYA. This is what happens when you shove the biggest walnut to the back of your beak and then try to pick up smaller ones with a beak that can’t close. So maybe not ALL crows are super smart.

I like to spend time outside in the sunshine, especially when this little guy drops by, but not messing about with plants. For the record (are we keeping records?) I would like everyone to know exactly how much I dislike gardening. Gardening does not like me much either. The only plants I have ever felt inclined to nurture are tomato plants and orange Tiger Lillies. Coincidentally those are also the only plants not inclined to drop dead on me for no good reason other than being choked to death by weeds I ignore, or by a severe lack of water. This is why I cannot ever be a Green Witch. Good thing I never thought seriously about becoming one because it would have been a disastrous career choice.

Before W heads east for the summer he plants a bunch of stuff that he expects me to look after. Then he tells our adult son and daughter who do not live here to look after his garden because “your mother won’t”. Then I baby my tomato plants and admire my independent little lilies and mostly ignore all the other stuff. The kids sometimes drop over and show pretty much no interest at all in what’s growing except maybe for the grass if I’ve been lazier than normal about cutting it. Later in the summer they will harvest a few of the survivors if there are any, like radishes and yellow beans and I will force them to take home about 10 times as many tomatoes as they want or need. Since my one granddaughter no longer has a Guinea Pig I don’t think anyone will want lettuce this time around although I’m not sure where it is yet.

I’m telling you all this partly because I have nothing much going on in my head at the moment, but mostly to brag that I actually went outside today and pulled some weeds. I don’t know what the hell came over me. I also trimmed a scraggly looking bush and pulled some rhubarb. I don’t seem to be able to kill rhubarb either, but I don’t know of anyone who can so I’m not surprised by its crazy will to live. Anyway I quickly got tired and sweaty and started cursing so I had to quit and come inside because no one should subject their neighbours to that kind of negative crap.

W planted about three thousand hills of potatoes behind the garage and I noticed they are thriving so I won’t be disturbing them. I don’t think he left any spaces there at all for weeds. There’s definitely no room to step into that jungle to look. So that’s another job done, right? Perfect. My kind of plant maintenance. I hope we continue to get lovely rain showers as the season progresses. And not just because it means I don’t have to water anything. The air just feels so fresh and clean after a good rain.

My kind of bugs.

Okay that’s all she wrote! After being so industrious I can now sit around with a coffee or two and read without guilt. Just like on the days when I’m not industrious at all.

7 thoughts on “Letters to WYA 14

  1. Love the crow.
    I hear you about gardening.
    I bought a tray of green pepper plants yesterday.
    They looked so healthy.
    Doubt they will stay that way.
    It has turned so cold I don’t think anything will grow.
    Probably why they were on special.
    My one and only flower bed is full of weeds.
    If I pull them out the cats next door will be over to use the bed as a toilet.

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    • W swears by cayenne pepper in the flower beds to deter cats. I’ve also heard strong citrus smells or vinegar will keep them away. But hey, if weeds work I totally stand with you on that method too 😺

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  2. I do love your crow’s antics, Lin. Birds do, in fact, have very tiny brains, which may account for your crow’s funny behaviour. As for gardening, I never do any despite having a big garden. It is all grass, and there are weeds galore at the back. My reasoning is that the wild area is for the wildlife I get in my garden, foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, birds and bees and many other species. I can’t garden anymore because it’s too much of a struggle from the height of a wheelchair. If I got down to the ground, I’d never get up again! I grew tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes and peppers many years ago when I was more able. Flowers were a totally different matter – I just couldn’t keep them alive. So, I can understand where you’re coming from. I love your wire garden decorations of the bee, ladybird and the sun, too. X 🌞

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    • I grew up on a farm where our garden was the size of a small field so there was lots of work to be done. Our grandma lived with us and she puttered around with the plants all day long. Live-in gardener! I did not inherit a green thumb though. I do enjoy watching the wildlife too. There’s a pair of mallard ducks across the street and lots of jack rabbits who seem to like the suburban life. Magpie antics are the most fun but they are very people/camera shy so far.

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