More About Me: Who, Why, Where, Whatever


Your words have power - speak kind ones.

Your words have power – speak kind ones.

The latest thing I’ve been in my life is a licensed optician and contact lens fitter.  It’s not the most important.  Being a parent and a grandparent has everything else beat.  How good I’ve been at those two things I don’t know – I know I’ve mostly tried my best.  My third favourite thing to be is an artist.  One day I hope to have a lot of time to devote to that, once I’m a certified eccentric old lady.  Then I’m sure no one will be alarmed by the weird things I plan to create.   They will think that what I’ve done to date was mere dabbling in comparison.  I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up to become the special people they are destined to be.   I want to always see the funny side of life.

Update January 2015:  Retired September 2014, and have finally become the eccentric old lady of my dreams.  Weird things are being created as we speak.

Facts about me, A – Z

A – Available/Single?  – Available for what??  Make me an offer and we’ll talk.  Mostly I’m happily married.
B – Best Friend? –  I don’t have a BEST friend.  Maybe I’m my own best friend.  Is that a bit pathetic??
C – Cake or Pie? – Chocolate cake.  I like pretty much any pie filling – but I’m not a big fan of pastry.
D – Drink Of Choice? – Coffee.  Red Wine.  Third choice – caffeine free diet Pepsi (the ‘what’s the point’ beverage).  The best mixed drink ever is spiced rum and Pepsi.  Coke works if you don’t have Pepsi.  Put in a twist of lemon or lime and get ready for a preview of heaven.  Seriously.
E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? – deodorant (?) My computer.  Satellite radio.  We never turn either of them off.  Really, we don’t.
F – Favourite Colour? – Red
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? – Ick to all things gummy.
H – Hometown? – Port Elgin, Ontario
I – Indulgence? – OMG – where to start? Real books and my Kindle.  If I see something I want, I buy it.  Because whatever it is, I must be worth it.  I also keep a treasure chest full of stuff for my grandchildren.  I fill it up, they cart it away.  It’s a system that is quite satisfactory for all of us.
J – January Or February? – Yay for February!  In February, January is finally done!
K – Kids & Their Names? – Dana Michelle (Kenzie Merick);  Kristofor Jason and Candice (Kale Isaac, Omayja Anne Rosalie, Corey Franklin Wills, Madison Anna.) How about Kats?  Kats that have been in my life – Ash, Ben Zulu, Heccubus, Salvadore, Milligan, Brooks, Hockey, Johnny, Weasle, Saber.
L – Life Is Incomplete Without? – passion – of some sort, for someone or something
M – Marriage date? – November is a great month in which to get married.  No one expects it.
N – Number Of Siblings? – three
O – Oranges Or Apples? – apples.  Crunchy beats squirty every time.
P – Phobias/Fears? – large bodies of water.  Not being able to breathe.
Q – Favourite Quote? – Life is too short to (blah blah blah – I have a million endings for this sentence.)
R – Reason to Smile? – today I get another chance to do something worthwhile.  I won’t of course, but it’s lovely to have the chance.
S – Season? – summer.  Everything about every other season is highly overrated.
T – Tag People?  No one tagged me, and I tagged no one.  I copied this.  I have no remorse.
U – Unknown Fact About Me? – If I told you, it would no longer be unknown.  I have a thirteenth tale.  Perhaps it will die with me.  I haven’t decided.  But I’m pretty blabby – it could slip out at any time.
V – Vegetable you don’t like? – Asparagus.  Although I will eat it if I don’t have to look at it first.
W – Worst Habit? – Putting off having a shower and getting dressed until there’s really no point in doing either one.
X – X-rays You’ve Had? – chest, lower back, ankles, wrists, dental.  I think that’s it.
Y – Your Favourite Food? – It depends on the time of day.  And where I am.  And the weather.  Just don’t try to feed me sushi.
Z – Zodiac Sign? – Taurus the Bull   (And in Chinese Astrology I am an Ox.)  A lot of bull going on here.

And then there’s this:

I believe that it is important to let the past go, although you might not guess that by the amount of time I spend talking about it here.  There are no time machines and no do-overs. We can only move on. I believe it is pointless to worry myself sick about the future imagining every possible horror that could happen. I believe it is possible to live simply and joyfully in the present moment. So most days I don’t believe in reading the newspaper which is always full of depressing crap.

I believe there is no heaven except the one I create for myself, right here, right now. There is no hell except the one I choose to dwell in right here on earth. I have the power to make changes, or the power to accept the things I cannot change and to make peace with them.

I believe in everyone’s freedom of choice and that they can believe or disbelieve any brilliant or stupid thing they want as long as it causes no one else harm. My daughter decided at the age of nine to believe in reincarnation, because she wanted to make sense of death, and that belief made her happy. (Much happier than her little friends notion that if she didn’t go to church every Sunday and get herself saved that she’d end up in hell.)

If your beliefs aren’t a source of joy and happiness to you, better get yourself some new ones. I believe that there are many things on this earth that cannot be stuffed into little boxes and sealed and labeled, right or wrong, black or white, religious, spiritual, scientific, perfectly sane or just plain weird. Everything’s a lovely mix. Choose the things that lift you up and set you free.

And God or Buddha or The Great Fairy King please forgive me if I ever try to force my beliefs on anyone else, no matter how honorable my intentions.


41 thoughts on “More About Me: Who, Why, Where, Whatever

  1. Hello! Long lost relative here.

    Love your blog and reading of Uncle Hank and Aunt Margaret’s writings and thoughts … how priceless. Makes me wish my grandmother Marguerite could have put some of her life lessons in writing for me. Though at 48 you would have thought that I would have put things together for myself.

    In case I never told you, you and your Port Elgin family were such important people in my fond memories of growing up… I idolized you and Ann, laughed at all Ron’s antics and couldn’t wait to see Verna, Uncle Hank and Aunt Margaret.

    Cheryle (Adis) Potts

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. My grandma was Julia Leeder – married to you mother’s brother Carl… the love of her life…from what she told me. Carl was her second husband and she did not have any chidren with him. My adoptive mom Doris Hewitt (Keen) was Julia’s daughter with her first husband. I was named after Julia…who lived until 93 years old and passed away in 1987…I also remember your uncle Iden, wife Amy (Julia’s sister) and cousins Mary and Betty from Port Elgin where we used to spend every summer…so fascinating!


    • Julie, thank you so much for commenting! Yes, Carl and Iden were my grandma’s brothers, so my great uncles. I didn’t realize (or simply didn’t remember) that Amy and Julia were sisters. I wish I had some better memories of Julia and Carl to share, but can only say that they were at church and family gatherings and to me (as an oblivious kid) just some of grandmas many relations. Betty and I are closer in age as she was a late addition to the family and I definitely remember Aunt Amy very fondly.
      I’m so happy you stopped by – I’m sure there are others who stumble upon this disjointed little history and don’t want to admit they are related to me – ha 🙂 Lots of family in Port Elgin still, and I go back as often as I can.


  4. You had me at spiced rum and pepsi with a twist of lemon or lime as a preview of heaven! Must try it! This point closely followed by books as an indulgence…”because whatever it is, I must be worth it.” Love your attitude on life. 😉


  5. Hi, I stumbled across your blog via Wyndy Dee’s and, judging by our interests, I suspect that you and I were separated at birth. LOL Maybe it’s because we’re not too far apart geographically. Small world. Thanks for blogging and sharing your experiences.


  6. Nice thoughts. And about “(…)forgive me if I ever try to force my beliefs on anyone else, no matter how honorable my intentions.” You don’t need of this phrase. Inside the temple of your consciousness lives the entire court – judge and jury – If you can, lives for the welfare of all. Everyone exists but so few actually live.
    All the best.


  7. “I believe there is no heaven except the one I create for myself, right here, right now.” You are so right!

    I’m so happy to meet you. Looks like we have a lot in common.

    Thanks for following My Sweet Delirium. I look forward to learning more about you and your art!


  8. Please how can one reach you? I am a student, and stumbled upon the Santa: naught or nice .gif you used on this page . i want to ask of your permission to reuse in a Christmas party event in my school.

    Thank you.


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