Lest I appear to be ungrateful, rather than simply lazy and overwhelmed, here are the awards that fellow bloggers have been kind enough to bestow upon me.

award kreativ bloggerKreativ Blogger Award Pleasant Valley Sunday

award versatile bloggerVersatile Blogger Award x4  Sue (Mac’s Girl), Grass Oil by Molly Field , 13th paradigm , Patricia Jordan West Coast Living Canada ,

award very inspiringInspiring Blogger Award lightning pen

award beautiful bloggerBeautiful Blogger Award x2  Retired Ruth – Life in the 50’s and beyond  , Trophos The Dancing Professor

award reality blogReality Blog Award electronicbaglady’s bag of bits

award sunshineSunshine Award johannisthinking

award super sweetSuper Sweet Blogging Award x2  Shaun prayingforoneday

award liebsterLiebster Blog Award Shaun prayingforoneday


Best Moment Award Shaun prayingforoneday

All these awards come with the best of wishes, but also with lots of annoying rules.  I love the people who have promoted my blog in this way, and I am incredibly humbled to be considered worthy of mention.  I hope I can be forgiven for breaking the rules.  Some days having to think up a dozen more bizarre facts about myself bores me to tears, so I can only imagine what it would do to some poor sod who stumbled upon my blather expecting something inspirational.  Or even remotely interesting.

In the sidebar of this blog are links to amazing people and beautiful blogs.  Please click on any one of them.  They all deserve a look.  Hope you find inspiration, versatility, beauty, creativity, sweetness and light.  I know I did, and continue to be delighted by the people and the blogs I am lucky enough to be following, every day.

5 thoughts on “Awards

  1. You don’t have the One Lovely Blog Award yet! I’d like to nominate you for this award. I love reading your posts and think you have One Lovely Blog. The logo is a very pretty green color with black and a tree! Please view my post on 11/4, it’s under Awards on the Menu, Thank you!!!One Lovely Blog Award at I’ll understand if you are too buy to accept. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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