Dalliance 101

Love the idea of Thowback Thursday for so many reasons.  Dredging up some bit of foolishness from my blogging past is easier than making my brain think of something new to say.  And why go back three months when I can go back five years?  There is no real answer to that question.  It’s just what I did.  After putting it off for a bit of course.  It’s still Thursday, right?  So we’re good.


(From The Oatmeal on Facebook)

March 10, 2011
If you were a professor, what subject would you teach?

Dalliance 101: Mastering the Fine Art of Procrastination

This course is offered to all first year students and is once again open to all returning students who failed to complete it the first time around.  So basically everybody.  Space is generally unlimited.

Please note that this is not yet an accredited course, due in part to the fact that no final marks have ever been issued, and indeed in most cases have not yet even been determined, for any of the previous participants.  We will get around to that.

Class materials include any personal unfinished projects of any nature, but submission is not mandatory; last semester’s uncompleted works in progress are still available for study, and have proven themselves to be invaluable in the process of perfecting various techniques in such areas as dabbling, dawdling, indecisiveness and puttering. The great debate on the merits of shilly- shallying vs. dilly-dallying will continue, unless other random stalling topics should arise. If time permits – fumbling, faltering, lingering, loafing and time frittering will be touched upon, along with brief forays into the fascinating realms of hemming and hawing, and in depth discussion of the almighty pursuit of serious down time.

Extra credit will be given to those students who demonstrate perpetual tardiness, and bonus marks are awarded to students who do not show up at all.

Textbooks for this course are optional and completely up to the discretion of the individual pupil as we truly believe that it is

(to be continued…..)?

(Editor’s Note: We regret that a full course description was not available at time of publication.  Class times, days, and locations will perhaps be announced at a future, as yet unspecified, date.  Or not. If you are okay with waiting, you do not really need to take this course.)