A Wet and Windy Working Wednesday

Happy 4th of July to my American friends.  There will be no picnics in our immediate vicinity today with wind and rain and generally nasty summer weather which had me closing all the windows last night.  How gloomy and grim.  And cold!  July is not supposed to be this cold.  It will all blow east as it always does and we’ll be sitting in the sunshine again tomorrow.

Only people who know the words to America the Beautiful will get this silly cartoon.  It turned up on my calendar today and made me laugh out loud.  Nope, some days it doesn’t take much at all.

Inspiration comes from mysterious sources.

Today I think I will remember to take my umbrella from the front seat of the car.  The short walk in the parking lot to get to it last night was a drizzly and dripping one.  Not drenching, but close enough.  A windshield wipers full on drive home.  A two blanket sleep with the windows closed.  Mother Nature is messing with our heads.  When the temperature shoots back up to the mid thirties and I’m comatose in the heat I will try to remember this damp and dewy day.

Itsy Bitsy Argyle Sweater In the Rain

It’s an overcast, blustery, rainy June day.  Perfect for sleeping in.  So I did.  Why is coffee the most blissfully amazing gratifying thing there is on a day like today?  Why do I sometimes sigh with relief when the sun doesn’t shine?  When it’s not the bright light that blinds, but the vibrant electrifying green everywhere I look?

Today is day two of four days in a row at work;  then one day off, then FIVE days in a row!  Like a normal person!  They’re trying to kill me!

These page a day calendars can be invaluable writing tools on days when there are no motivational spiders in your life.  Or time to listen to them if they did show up.  Just rain and coffee.  And work, work, work.

Cinder Block

This is a page from my Argyle Sweater calendar.  Just so you know – writer’s block is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

My horoscope for today (condensed version) – If everyone else was jumping off a bridge — well, you know where this is going. Don’t get so caught up in the moment or in the group mindset that you turn into a lemming. 

It’s meeting day at work, and by the looks of the above, I should NOT go there.  Seems like a perfectly valid excuse to me.  I’ve used lesser ones.  My mood is determined.  It’s gonna be an awesome day.