Wordy Wednesday

For anyone who cares, and also anyone who doesn’t with no idea what I’m talking about, I’m up to page 199 in my daunting 1000 plus page brick of a book.  I wish I could say I can’t put it down, but it’s all too easy to do that with a little help from gravity and hands that have fallen asleep. 

Last night the sky went ominously dark and the temperature dropped and the thunder rolled and the rain came down.  And that’s the end of that story, because in spite of how threatening the weather appeared to be, it seemed to suddenly lose interest in being nasty and wandered off somewhere else.  I might have stayed awake longer if it had been more entertaining.  Instead I slept for ten hours straight.  There’s something about the rain that induces this kind of tranquility and calm.

A Wednesday!

A Wednesday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I woke up in the middle of some inscrutably foggy dream feeling lazy, lethargic, just this side of comatose.  Brought the paper in, didn’t feel like looking beyond the front page, made coffee, tuned in listlessly to Facebook.  Damned exciting day so far.   Checked out my astrological forecasts – note the plural there, because I’d hate to put all my trust in just one opinion.  And this way I get to choose the one I like the best.  Or in this case, dislike the most.

Your confidence gets a very nice boost right now, and this enables you to feel like you can do just about anything — which you can. Enjoy your extra social zip and go out and have a great time at whatever you choose to do.

You have a strong and compelling presence today, especially if you are doing any kind of political or public speaking. People are interested in learning what you have to say. But in personal relationships, your passions come across a little too strongly.

You will have a powerful idea that dramatically improves your social and career prospects. You will find a way to bring two groups together in a way that heals an old rift and makes new progress possible. Other people will notice, and you will benefit from the attention.

Who the hell are they talking about?  Obviously the storm went high and rearranged the heavens last night.  I’d go so far as to say it scrambled them.  That is not me.  Social zip, compelling presence, powerful ideas – get out of here.  Even if I finish this whole pot of coffee there’s not a chance.

Right now I’m just trying to drum up the ambition to shower and get dressed and ready for work.  Maybe there will be more lightning today and I’ll get struck by it and thus jump started on the development of my strong and compelling presence where people pay rapt attention to what I have to say.  HAHA!  I must still be dreaming.

Future Cast

It’s been awhile since I made fun of the stars predictions.  I read way too many astrological forecasts (and laugh way too much at how seriously they appear to be taking themselves) but I figure its cheap entertainment.  Free if you don’t count what the time it takes you to read them is worth.

Secrets aren’t your favorite state of affairs, so being asked to keep one isn’t easy for you. When need be, however, there’s no one who can hold on to a secret with more tenacity. Like now, for example.

Isn’t that bad English or grammar or does it not break some obscure language law when someone says secrets are a state of affairs?  A current condition?  A frame of mind? How things are?  If somebody asked me what’s happening I can’t imagine “secrets” being my first response.  It isn’t easy for me to keep a secret but no one can keep one better than me.  That’s exactly what it said.  I think.  And YES, the secret I’m keeping right now is certainly safe since I don’t have a clue what it is.

You may be considering going back to school or taking a lecture or class together with a friend or companion who shares your interests. You could learn something that will allow you to improve your productivity, or to start a business of your own.

You may….you could….change those to “you certainly are not……” and “it’s highly unlikely that you will….” and suddenly this one makes sense.

You have an opportunity to empower the future of your love life. If you are still single, you may meet someone promising today. If you are dating, you may be thinking about the next stage in your relationship. If you are already married, it will be an incredibly romantic day.

They’ve certainly given it a good shot to cover all the possibilities – single, dating, already married.  But since there was nothing in there about having been married forever and being thousands of miles apart at the moment I couldn’t make it fit my life. Having an incredibly romantic day on your own is not as easy as you might think.

Your mental energy is stronger today, but you find it easier to focus on social obligations than on the demands of your career. You will be getting a lot of pleasant calls from friends and companions. You could be invited to a sporting event this evening.    

My demanding career had me seeing a lot of contact lens patients yesterday, two of whom paid money to learn how to shove little bits of silicone onto their eyeballs.  I was quite focused on teaching them how to do that, so it’s a good thing there were no social obligations to distract me.  When I got home there were three missed calls on my phone, all from unknown numbers.  I guess all my friends and companions have changed their phone numbers and forgotten how to leave messages.  So I missed the sporting event, unless a two hour nap on the couch qualifies.  There, that one was pretty bang on, wasn’t it?

It’s Monday, and day three in my five days of work in a row.  Yeah, I used to do the five day thing all the time, but it’s amazing how fast I got used to just two days at a time with a day or two off to recover in between.  With enough coffee I should make it to five o’clock alive, but more importantly, awake and still coherent.  I notice that’s not predicted anywhere, but I’ll try to stay optimistic.

Guardian Angels

My astrological forecast for Friday the 13th:

Here you are, patting yourself on the back because you thought you were a contender, and instead it turns out you’ve got exactly what it takes to deliver the knockout blow. Don’t hesitate. Deliver the goods.    

I don’t understand that!  So it seemed fitting to add it here along with all the other things I was told today by a psychic medium.  She said that what I didn’t understand today would eventually all come clear to me, so I’m writing this down for the future much smarter me.

–  I have several guardian angels looking out for me – on further investigation the main ones appear to be my dad, my mom, my grandma, and my Uncle George.  I would have thought Uncle George had better things to do.

– There have been a lot of very indecisive people in my life over the past couple of years, but things are starting to clear up for everyone. Things are falling into place.  Money is not an issue.  A GOOD move could be in my future but it’s not a MUST move.  Things are settling around me,  My family members are getting their act together.  There are not a lot of problems, so I should just keep going.  (I got from all this that I was probably one of the most boring people she’d seen all day.)

– I am surrounded by positive energy and ready to make positive changes in my life.  Things will be smooth, there will be no real issures.  I will have room to breathe.  (I am falling asleep here. Your dead relatives are more interesting than you are.)

– The names she mentioned that do mean something to me – Harry or Harold, Margaret, Mary, George, Ken-something (-zie?) several Williams (possibly second or last names), Kris (although she wrote Chris, but that could be my neice’s boyfriend too), John and Julie.  (I just saw my cousin John in London and his wife’s name is Julie.)  She also mentioned Shawn, Michael, David, Doug, Jean and Cathy.  Who the hell are those people?

– It’s time to sort out my priorities and do what makes me happy.  I have been sitting on a shelf.  It’s time to get on with things.  (I protested that I kind of like sitting on the shelf, and she said I KNOW you do.  Get off it.  Get out of that box and out of your comfort zone.  There is a passion within you.  Find out what it is.)

– Magpies are very spiritual birds.  (Yeah, that surprised me too.)  When I see them they remind me of my mother.  But Cardinals also have special meaning for me. (I hope this is referring to two of my granddaughters and their beautiful names, and not something stupid like the two fake birds I have on my welcome sign at the front door.)

– She was surprised that I had no awareness of my dad’s presence in my life because it is incredibly strong.  He is always with me.  He is also looking out for my daughter who is strong and determined and getting it together.

– It is safe for me to travel by air.  (If she’d said it wasn’t safe, I wonder if I’d be looking at a bus schedule right now.)  I will be taking a getaway trip to the U.S. with two other women and will have a great time.  Money will allow it – no worries.  (Vegas, here I come?)

– My thyroid problems are under control.

– My brother is doing well.  He is very strong.

– There is an ending of a marriage coming up, likely a divorce, excessive drinking is involved.  I will be giving very good advice to the couple involved.  (No doubt without being asked for any.) (I think the end of a relationship is a very sad thing.  Drinking could actually help the process.  But perhaps this is not the good advice she had in mind.)

– The ‘animal’ card I picked was a beaver.  She turned it over and laughed and told me it was perfect and meant I must get busy.  I think a beaver is about the last thing on earth I want to identify with right now.  Or maybe ever.

Finally she asked me if I had six months to live, (don’t worry, you have much longer than that) what would I do?  I said I thought I might just keep on doing what I’m doing.  I like to write.  I like to read.  I sometimes paint.  ( I bore the pants right off psychics with my problem free existence….) She threw up her arms and shouted “THAT’S IT!  You must paint!  You are filled with a creative passion!  Get out of your comfort zone and do what you love to do!  (And please, get out of my cottage now and send in somebody whose aura won’t put me into a coma.) (Or something like that – it’s my own psychic interpretation of how her day was going.)

I suppose over all I really can’t complain about our little chat.  I just think a psychic should be able to freak me out a little better than that.  But it appears my guardian angels have been vigilant and are doing a bang up job.

The Many Faces of BS


Have I mentioned before that my blog name abbreviation is BS?  I’d like to be able to say that I did that on purpose with a lot of deep thought and meditation and close attention to possible subliminal messages.  But it was just one of those happy accident hit-and-miss things that looked impressive to me on hind site.  BS could just as easily stand for Best Seller or Blood Sugar or Bachelor of Science. Blowing Snow, Blocked Shot.   Brain Storm.  Black Sheep.  Bovine Scatology.

As an example of the more popular meaning of the acronym BS, here’s the last couple of Taurean astrological forecasts:

If anyone is familiar with intimacy, it’s you — in all its faces. At the moment, you’re after the intellectual kind, and anyone who tries to snow you had better be ready to think again.  

The heavens have arranged for an extremely chatty astrological pair to inspire you in the department of closeness. Your sweetheart will be delighted to hear about how much you care, and you’ll feel pretty good about saying it too.      

Apparently my moods have been charming and loved.  Which don’t even sound like real moods to me.   Gag me.  I’m going to have to give this up altogether if they can’t do better than that.

We are slowly coming out of the deep freeze – high of minus 21 today!  Funny thing about the bitter cold is the diverse reactions to it.  There are people who bundle up until they’re twice their normal size and if they toppled over would never get up.  Only their eyeballs are visible.  Then there’s the people in complete denial wearing a hoodie and sweat pants, no hat, no gloves, courting death by exposure.  And it takes most of this city’s high speed drivers about four days of extremely low temperatures to figure out that there’s black ice on the roads and that cars can change direction in random patterns with brakes that cease to function for indeterminate time periods.  All the traffic accident reports on the radio should be their first clue.  I wish car horns would freeze up.  Impatient idiots, announcing to the world that they’re ready to die, so why aren’t you getting the hell out of their way.

On this day in 1809, Edgar Allen Poe was born.  I wonder if it was ‘once upon a midnight dreary’.  “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”  “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.”  “I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”  He’s a very quotable guy who wrote mysteriously scary stuff.  No BS involved when you live and breathe and believe in all that creepiness.  Or so I imagine.

The daily extra wants to know “What color were the magical shoes Dorothy inherited from the Wicked Witch of the East in L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?”  And the answer is – SILVER in the book.  They became RUBY slippers in the movie.  Well, that’s just BS.  Stupid movies, messing around with the true facts.

Oh well.  There’s a lot of different kinds of BS in the world.  Britney Spears.  Baltimore Sun.  Boy Scouts.  Bart Simpson.  Boz Scaggs.  Beta Sigma.  Belt Sander.  BRAIN SCAN.  I already had one of those, and it didn’t help.